Degree Level:

An art history minor is valuable for students pursuing degrees in Fashion Design + Product Development, Fashion Communication, Communication Design, Digital Filmmaking, Costume Design and Education, and for anyone preparing for an art-related career.



A minor in art history requires completion of at least 15 semester hours in the ARH (Art History) or DSN (Design) prefixes, including at least 6 hours at the 300 level. All courses require a C-or better to become part of an art minor.


Facilities + Resources

Louise Dudley Hall contains classrooms with audiovisual equipment for courses in English, art history, social studies, business, psychology, and computer technology. Special facilities in Louise Dudley Hall include a large art history collection of 35,000 slides, records, CDs and videos. This specialized library is used as a teaching aid in design and art history classes.


Dr. James Terry,
Associate Professor of Humanities
(573) 442-2211 [email protected] Dudley Hall 117

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