Teaching is hard. It helps to have partners.

Our work at the Center for Teaching + Learning here at Stephens College is all about connection, collaboration, and empowerment. We aim to help grow the teaching and learning culture for the benefit of instructors, students, and the college as a whole. That work can take all kinds of shapes.

We are here to be a partner in wherever your teaching adventures take you. Our work ranges from program planning to course design to a casual chat over coffee about that idea you had that you are not sure what to do with, but you can’t bring yourself to let go.

Let's talk. Click on the contact form or use the email at the bottom of this page to reach out. We are always happy to hear from you.

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Some specific areas we can help with...

Course Design: What does your course look like as we transition to block scheduling? 

Ideation: Do you have an idea for your class? One of our specialties is helping folks bring ideas to life. 

Authentic Assessments: How do you design projects and activities that reflect the skills you need your learners to master for the working world? 

Taming Canvas: Canvas can be an ally or an enemy. Sometimes both at the same time! We know Canvas. And while IT is better equipped to do Canvas trainings, we can help with Canvas taming. 

Department Talks: Does your department have a shared teaching need? We are happy to facilitate conversations, offer workshops, or serve your team in any way we can. 

Thought Partner: Do you just need someone to chat about college teaching life? We are here for that.


Block Planner - Topics

This planner gives space to write out your goals or vision for the course, and then offers a calendar of 18 days to shape and spread how the central topics of your course might fit on the block timetable.

Block Planner - Hourly

A good rule of practice on the block is switching tasks every 30 minutes to help keep energy up for the class. This planner segments 18 days into 30-minute increments for detailed block planning.


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