Empowerment knows no bounds, and when we invest in education, we sow the seeds of progress and transformation.

By giving to Stephens College, you're not just supporting an institution; you're fostering a legacy of innovation, breaking down barriers, and nurturing the leaders of tomorrow. Your contribution doesn't just fund education; it fuels ambition, determination, and the unyielding spirit to overcome any obstacle. Together, let's sculpt a future where every individual is equipped to rewrite history. Join us in the journey of inspiring minds, shaping dreams, and building a world where opportunities flourish.





The Stephens Fund for Onward Progress

The Stephens Fund supports excellence for our students and helps fund academic support and services, faculty excellence, innovative guest speakers, athletics, student health and wellness, student programming, and our beautiful campus. Please give to the Stephens Fund.


Onward Giving Days

We celebrate special days in Stephens’ history, and we invite you to join us in recognizing them. Watch for information in your email, social media, and Stephens Connect.

  • August 24 – Founders Day – the date a citizens group met to organize the Academy 1833
  • September 15 – Sursum Day – the day Sursum was dedicated on campus 2006
  • October 2 – Stephens Day – a date the Alumnae Association named and encouraged alumnae to burn a candle and reminisce about their time at Stephens, and/or meet with fellow alums – also President James Madison Wood’s birthday
  • November 19 – Stars Day – the date the Stephens Stars defeated Columbia College 2022
  • November 28, 2023 – Ten Ideals Day/Giving Tuesday – a national day to do good – what the Ten Ideals encourages us to do everyday
  • February 10 – Trailblazer Day – the date Lucy Ann Wales was born in 1808 – Ms. Wales was the first preceptress of Stephens College and a pioneer teacher of women
  • April 1 – Stop Day – the first day President James Madison Wood called a campuswide Stop Day 1913
  • June 10 – Alumnae Day – the date the Alumnae Association was founded 1874



Matching Gifts

Many organizations match the charitable gifts made by their employees, retirees, and their spouses/partners.  See if your organization matches your gifts to Stephens College.



Upward Giving for Stephens College 

We invite investors of innovation and transformation to embark on a journey of lasting impact with Stephens College. Your Upward Gift to Stephens College is an investment in the power of education, equality, and boundless potential. By generously contributing to our mission to Learn. Grow. Lead., you become a driving force behind the advancement of knowledge, talent, leadership, and opportunity that could transform the world in positive ways.

Upward Gifts do not just fund buildings or programs; they nurture trailblazers, ignite passions, and empower the voices that will shape our future. Together, we can amplify the reach of our College's vision by supporting scholarships and transformational opportunities, exceptional teaching and immersive learning, and innovative initiatives that propel students to the forefront of progress.

Join us in sculpting a world where every individual is equipped with the tools to excel and where barriers are turned into stepping stones. Your Upward Gift is not just a donation; it's a legacy of empowerment, a testament to your belief in the unparalleled potential of education. Together, let's create a future that reverberates with the echoes of your generosity and the achievements of countless remarkable Stephens graduates.



Other Ways to Give

Your support has the power to transcend traditional avenues. While cash donations are invaluable, there are numerous creative ways to contribute to the Stephens College mission without parting with liquid assets. Consider the impact of non-cash gifts - from stocks and securities to real estate and tangible assets. By exploring these alternative avenues, you can potentially maximize the benefits of your contribution while making a significant difference.

Explore the many ways to give to Stephens >

Giving Challenges

The Mary Ann Sprinkle '84 Challenge for new and lapsed donors

My challenge is for new donors and for donors who simply missed making a gift to Stephens over the past 2 years. If you haven’t ever made a gift, we hope you will. If you missed a year or two, we hope you will renew. And, if you do, my gift matches yours, up to $20,000, for the Stephens Fund. The lifeblood of the College — indispensable, unrestricted gifts of support.

The Angel Mendez '14 Challenge

Angel Mendez ’14 knows that today’s women need Stephens, and she challenges her sisters to join her in supporting them. The Angel Mendez ’14 Challenge will provide a 1:1 match for new or renewed Stephens Fund gifts of $1,000 or more with a five-year commitment.

The Dorothy Moeller Hagerman '32 Challenge

Dorothy Moeller ’32 was deeply appreciative of her education at Stephens College. Her pursuit of drama laid the foundation for a career in broadcasting and civic plays. In honor of her mother, Bonnie Hagerman has created a scholarship fund to encourage the next generation of donors to match her $50,000 gift.


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