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har·bin·ger (här’bin-jer) n.

One that indicates or foreshadows 
what is to come; a forerunner.

It’s a fitting name for the Stephens College literary journal. For the past several years, the publication has been a forerunner on the national level, with the magazine winning the Outstanding Literary Arts Journal Award from Sigma Tau Delta for six of the last nine years.

Within the journal’s pages resides an array of works—curious, quaint, humorous, serious, even startling. If you enjoy poetry, prose, art or photography, you’ll find something in our annual journal that will stir your imagination.

Although it’s changed names and formats, our literary journal has allowed students from all disciplines to publish their works for nearly a century. In 1980, the publication became the Harbinger, a name that signifies its dedication to publishing the works of writers and artists of the future.

A student-run publication, the Harbinger is the starting point for many writers, giving them an opportunity to publicly showcase their talents for the first time. We maintain a high literary standard, closely examining each submission and accepting only those which have vivid detail, sharp language and innovative subject matters. We select pieces that speak to the common human experience and works that push readers to the edge.

As one of the top college literary magazines, it is our mission to publish the best literary and artistic works Stephens College students have to offer. The result is a collection of talented new voices showing our readers what the future holds.

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