Gabrielle Dooley '20 earned her degree in English. She has had three publications in Harbinger and was the co-editor-in-chief of the Spring 2020 issue, "Outside the Lines."

Gabrielle Dooley '20 earned her degree in English. She has had three publications in Harbinger and was the co-editor-in-chief of the Spring 2020 issue, "Outside the Lines." She enjoys reading psychological thrillers, drinking way too much coffee, and spending time with her dogs Ludo and Rikki. 


Kristine Somerville, Assistant Professor of English and Creative Writing: What did you learn from your experience as a Harbinger editor?

I learned a lot during my time in Harbinger. The biggest thing I learned is that being an editor is very time consuming and at times difficult, but very rewarding in the end. I put hours of work into editing the designed version with our designer and it made the final product well worth it. I also learned how important communication is, especially toward the end when deadlines are fast approaching. We had some great communication between Kris Somerville, my co-editor and the designer that really allowed the magazine to be a success. It is true what they say: communication is key. 


What is your current job? What do you love about it? What about it challenges you?

I work in the Casino Marketing department of the Prairie Band Casino as a marketing representative. I am a part of a guest service team that has all the answers to everyone’s questions. We are informed about promotions and the inner workings of the casino. I really like my job. I love meeting the different guests that visit the casino; you would not believe the stories I’ve heard, things I’ve seen, and people I’ve met (though unfortunately I cannot disclose any of this exciting information per casino policy). There are many challenges that come with my job, but I’d say the most difficult challenge, aside from COVID, is not sharing all of the insane, funny and strange occurrences at the casino. Most people don’t want to bring their work home with them, but I wish I could bring home some of the crazy stories. 


What advice would you give to English and Creative Writing majors?

Don’t worry about getting a job in your field right away. I struggled for months looking for a job, any job, that fit with my degree. I was looking for a job as a content writer, copy writer, editor, English teacher, tutor. Really anything I could find that would put my degree to use. But the truth is your degree will help you with any job you get — that’s why they are called transferable skills. I work at a casino but I am constantly using things I learned as an undergraduate. So, don’t worry about finding a job. There are so many jobs you are qualified for. 


What is your favorite book, movie, and song?

Yikes. A favorite book? Sorry, that’s just not possible. So I’ll tell you my current read. I am currently reading All the Missing Girls by Megan Miranda, which I found at a thrift store the other day. I love a good mystery. My favorite movie is either The Labyrinth or Donnie Darko. And I know I cannot pick a favorite song so I will tell you my favorite artist. Any song that Chris Cornell has ever written or sung is superior. 


Please share an inspirational quote from one of your most admired people. 

“The point is not to pay back kindness but to pass it on” ~ Julia Alvarez 

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