Amy Sand '10 earned a B.F.A. in Creative Writing and served as editor of the 2010 issue "Unhinged."

Kristine Somerville, Assistant Professor of English and Creative Writing: What did you learn from your experience as the editor of Harbinger? 

Amy Sand: I remember having strong feelings about poems that conflicted with some of the other editors’ opinions. I was grateful that they spoke up and expressed their support because after a while I wised up and realized they were right. I remember the main challenge was finding the theme throughout all these submitted works and then trying to wrap them up nicely into a foreword. That’s the fun and the struggle! There’s something magical about being part of a team and making an issue like this happen. The meetings, the readings, the designing — it’s a large undertaking and a labor of love. Putting it to print is oh-so-satisfying. It’s a moment of pride in my college memory. 


What is your job now? What do you love about it? What are the challenges? 

I switched from nonprofit writing to software development a little over a year ago. I love having solvable problems to fix every day. The challenge is opportunity to always learn something new — it’s both a gift and a curse.  


What advice would you give graduating English and Creative Writing majors? 

The world is new every day. Follow traditional publishing practices or don’t. If you believe in what you’ve written, just get it out there. The world needs your voice. 


Favorite book, film, and song? 

My favorite book is The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri, my favorite movie is It’s a Wonderful Life, and my song, "Girls in The Hood" by Megan Thee Stallion. 


Please share an inspirational quote from one of your most admired people. 

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. “ -Helen Keller the O.G.

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