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Study Abroad: A World of Opportunity 

Stephens College expands the boundaries of campus with a variety of overseas study opportunities. Study abroad programs combine academic study with cross-cultural interaction and complement students' major courses of study and foreign language interests. Other international experiences include volunteer work or international internships. Once introduced to different ways of living, studying, working and communicating, students are prepared for professions and opportunities anywhere in the world.


Study abroad is for everyone. With some early planning and research, you can find the experience and funding sources that match your goals. Get started by learning about the Crosby Scholarship for Stephens Students, and browse more than 40 additional scholarship opportunities offered by our affiliate programs and outside organizations. Then, set up a meeting with Study Abroad Coordinator Dr. Jim Terry, who can help you understand your options and make a plan to secure funding. Dr. Terry recommends beginning scholarship research at least one year before you plan to study abroad. 




Eden Crane New Zealand


"Not only did study abroad give me the chance to explore our incredible planet, it provided time and space to explore myself, too. Taking this leap of faith allowed me to grow and embrace the unknown, open up to new adventures and explore the vibrancy of life."

—Eden Crane '20, New Zealand

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