Stephens students have many options for an international experience. The major categories are study abroad (for academic credit), internships (may or may not be for academic credit) and volunteer work. Stephens strongly supports an overseas experience for all students.


Which program type is for me?

You may elect to travel during a semester, summer or intersession, such as winter break. Programs vary in length from two weeks to a semester. Semester-long programs are recommended for students who want to receive academic credit. You may choose from semesters of 12 to 15 credit hours or trimesters of 9 credit hours. Summer options include four-, six- or eight-week trips and are available for volunteer work, language immersion, internships or for academic credit. Intersession options are two- to three-week opportunities.

Stephens College has established relationships with several providers, universities and nonprofit organizations, which are listed below. Each offers quality instruction or volunteer opportunities and provides various types of assistance for students overseas.


Program Partnerships

AIFS offers a wide range of unique programs in Asia, Australia, Europe, South Africa and the Americas. Most AIFS campuses offer courses in English or in foreign languages from beginner to advanced levels, so you don’t even have to know a foreign language to study abroad.
Arcadia’s College of Global Studies offers over 100 programs in 15 countries. Academic programming is varied and is offered by semester, full year or over the summer. In addition, they offer internships and service learning options. Because of our partnership in Arcadia's Inclusive Excellence Coalition, Stephens students benefit from special discounted prices for semester programs in England/Wales, Scotland, Italy, Spain, Australia and New Zealand.
CIS offers academic, internship and service-learning options in Argentina, Australia, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Ecuador, England, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Peru, Scotland, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Thailand and Vietnam. Also multi-country study tours over January intercession and in the summer.
DIS is a non-profit study abroad foundation offering semester, academic year and summer programs in Copenhagen and Stockholm. Intellectually challenging courses are taught in English and include faculty-led study tours across Europe. Academic areas include Biology, Health Science, Graphic Design, Psychology, Education, Gender Studies, Creative Writing and Fashion.
Located in the cosmopolitan capital Seoul, Ewha Women's University is the most prestigious women's educational institution in South Korea. The Ewha International Summer College (EISC) has been offering summer programs for students from around the world since 1971. Every summer the EISC offers two- and four-week, coed programs that include diverse cultural activities and field trips so help students immerse themselves in Korean culture.
IES Study Abroad educates students to become global leaders through premier study abroad and internship programs, which offer students worldwide experiential learning opportunities that meet the highest standards of academic quality. IES Study Abroad has been named’s Top Study Abroad Organization for the second year in a row. Since Stephens College is an associate partner, IES need-based and donor-funded scholarships are available to Stephens students.
IFSA-Butler currently operates academic programs in Argentina, Australia, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Egypt, England, India, Mexico, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Peru, the Republic of Ireland, Scotland and Wales. They also offer internships and service learning.
ISA provides students opportunities to study and participate in experiential learning opportunities in 13 countries worldwide, including Argentina, Costa Rica, Morocco, Spain, Belgium, Czech Republic, Australia, India, New Zealand and Korea. They also offer internships, service learning and month-long language immersion (Spanish).
Looking for international music, dance, theater or film experience? Performing Arts Abroad offers academic programs, internships and volunteer opportunities all over the world. Study, teach, discover, inspire, and be inspired.
SAI has been dedicated to providing students with an exceptional cultural and educational experience abroad while offering a wide variety of study areas: from business, communications and art history to environmental studies; studio arts to political science, public relations and more. The SAI program model offers excellent liberal arts schools along with the top schools for art and design in each location. Schools are located in Florence, Milan, Rome, Sorrento, Siena, London, Paris and Barcelona. SAI is known for its extensive design program offerings in apparel studies, fashion communications, fashion design and product development, fashion marketing and management and graphic design. Studies are also available for event and convention management, special events planning and digital filmmaking.
TAL is a theatre-training program that enables students to study in London with some of London's leading theatre artists and earn academic credit. TAL offers a uniquely wide range of conservatory-style courses: from Acting to Playwriting; from Stage Combat to Directing; from Movement to Shakespeare. It also offers analytical courses in Theatre History and Criticism, which make full use of the London setting to explore the history and development of drama. TAL is fully accredited by Florida State University and students may apply for a single semester, full year or summer programming.
Stephens students have access to many MU faculty-led programs during summer and intersession. Students enrolling with MU will be billed directly by MU. Students will need to enroll with the University of Missouri and in some cases may have to pay out-of-state tuition. While overseas, students will have 24/7 assistance, health insurance is included and visa assistance is available.


Direct-enroll Programming

Accademia Italiana (AI) is a small university founded in 1984, in Florence, Italy. Approximately 40% of the student body is Italian, 20% is American and the remaining 40% are from across the world. Class ratio is approximately one instructor to six students. All classes are taught in English. AI offers coursework in: History, Italian, Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Textile Design and Italian Literature. AI hosts an annual International Fashion and Design Exhibition each spring. Students who elect to attend AI will be responsible for procuring their own visas.
Established in 1845, NUI Galway has an established reputation across several disciplines such as Arts and Humanities, Business, Engineering and Science. They have created internationally renowned programming in Irish Studies, Film and Digital Media, Equestrian Studies, Human Rights, Web Technology, and Environmental and Marine Science.

Volunteer/Internship Programming

Kaya gives you the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with sustainable community projects and locally driven initiatives in Latin America, Africa, Asia and the Pacific Islands. They offer a wide range of programs and can help you identify one that matches your interests, academic goals and time frame. You can get involved in environmental research, marine or wildlife conservation, community development and NGO management, building projects, business and microfinance, marketing, media and journalism, education, the creative arts, sports coaching, women’s empowerment projects, and more! For those studying health science, check out Kaya’s medical, public health and nutrition placements.
World Endeavors provides connection-seekers a chance to intern, study, volunteer and gather together in group programs abroad. Affordable, meaningful, customized programs for travelers, adventurers, scholars and peacemakers. World Endeavors offers 24/7 assistance to the student.


More Options

There are many other options for study abroad (academic courses) through a wide variety of sources. In some cases, students may elect to enroll directly with other entities for study abroad (entities not found in the list above). Students are allowed to use federal financial aid if they are enrolled in an accredited institution full-time and complete the consortium agreement. It is important that students discuss non-affiliated programming with the Study Abroad Coordinator before making a decision.

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