Stephens College Costume and Research Museum Gallery opens to the public for the first time in over four years with a superb show that's getting a lot of attention.

Have you been to the Costume Museum and Research Gallery yet to see the latest exhibition, "A Star is Born: How Fashion Supported Screen Writers in Creating Iconic Female Characters"?

The show opened to great fanfare and is giving major classic Hollywood vibes. It's so well done that it's getting media coverage. 

Read the full article here: 'A Star is Born' Exhibit Channels Hollywood - COMO Magazine


Stephens Students Make It Possible

Over the summer, Aspen Oakley '23 (Apparel Studies) assisted Fashion Professor Dr. Monica McMurry in all facets of putting the show together, and Hannah Hicks (FDP, May 2024) assisted with dressing mannequins and display development.  

2nd year MFA candidates Dakota Grace Gibson and Ashley McLaughlin researched the films, screenwriters, and designers and then wrote all the accompanying copy for the show.

Digital Filmmaking students created a fun compilation of clips from the movies represented in the exhibit, which is shown in a special screening area of the gallery. Those students are: Brianna Jackson - Producer, Dalaya Johnson - Creative Director, Emily Huffman - Editor, Caroline Donahue - Digital Imaging Technician, Kennedy Brown - VFX artist, and Stella Blue Neeley - VFX artist.

This fall, Juliet League (FDP, May 2025) and Valentine Rodriguez (FMM, 2026) are docents for open gallery hours.

Huge gratitude to all of our faculty, staff, and students who helped bring this vision to life!




Photos: Schaefer Photography

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