Through our partnerships with local hospitals, Stephens offers a unique opportunity for students to gain clinical experience early in their nursing education.

Nursing students from Stephens College are making positive ripples in their clinical rotations at local hospitals. Director of Pediatrics at MU Healthcare, Macy Walquist, recently went out of her way to commend the students for their exceptional dedication and enthusiasm in their hands-on pediatric clinicals on the MU Pediatric Service Line (PSL).

"We have some very protective nurses that work within our service line, so they have very high expectations. Getting positive feedback is really a good thing and can be hard to come by, so this definitely stood out to me," expressed Walquist.

Nursing staff at MU Healthcare have been impressed by the Stephens College students' proactive approach and eagerness to learn and have been vocal with their praise. One nurse recounted a heartening experience, stating, "I was so surprised because my baby needed to be fed and get a bath. I went in to get prepared for that and the student was already in there doing it with their instructor, Sarah [Winter]. That was so helpful and was great to see them taking the time to really get practice with pediatric things!"

The students' engagement and inquisitiveness have not gone unnoticed, with another nurse mentioning, "I really like the students from Stephens! My student today stayed so involved and asked really great questions."

Walquist also said she's overheard groups of nurses casually praising the Stephens College nursing cohort as they go about their work. "These nurses from Stephens are on it," remarked one nurse. "They all are polite and act like they really want to be here and learn."

Sarah Winter, former Adjunct Professor of Nursing at Stephens, was also hailed for her role in facilitating the students' learning journey. Described as approachable and knowledgeable, Winter was instrumental in guiding the students through their clinical experiences. 

"Nursing has also mentioned that Sarah came in and asks great questions, makes very appropriate assignments for her students, and stays very involved with them throughout the day," shared Walquist. "She is just so kind and warm... The leadership team for the PSL really enjoyed getting to work with her."

Though she was unable to return as an adjunct this year, Winter's work with our student nurses during her time at Stephens is greatly appreciated.

As the partnerships between Stephens College and local hospitals continue to flourish, the impact of the students' contributions at MU Healthcare (at least) is evident. "They are all appreciated, and the little things are making a difference here," concluded Walquist.

Keep up the good work, Stephens Nursing!


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