On Monday, September 25, 2023, the FAS330: Design Studio II: Form and Function students presented their career contemporary sportswear designed mini collections to their first critic, Audrey Lockwood ‘18.

A graduate of the Stephens Fashion program, Audrey Lockwood '18 is a product developer/technical designer, manufacturing merchandiser, and co-founder of a fashion-based non-profit, in addition to owning her own brand. At 27, she has shown three collections for Kansas City Fashion Week, as well as West 18th Street and Runway Review, among others. She is heavily inspired by vintage dress and pop culture and uses those references to create conceptual collections. She channels an edgy, retro style that always maintains a feminine edge.  

Now an Associate Technical Designer and Manufacturing Merchandiser at MTAR, LLC, Audrey has previous experience as a Visual Merchandising Manager and a Retail Apparel Manager. She co-founded the Model & Artist Advocacy Council, Inc., which provides resources and education for everyone within the fashion community in an effort to directly combat and prevent sexual exploitation and harassment in the industry.  

When asked what advice she had for current fashion students, Audrey said, "I wish I would have maximized my time here [at Stephens]. Use your relationships here -- I wouldn't have my job now if it wasn't for an alum!" She also said, "Don't overload yourself or put too much pressure on yourself to produce quantity over quality. Remember that you don't have to do it all right now. Maximize your learning. What you learn here will set you apart from your peers in industry, that's what Stephens does for you."

The FAS330 students are juniors, and this was their first time presenting to a critic. They each had just 20 minutes to walk the critic through their designs, answering any questions and providing insight into their inspiration, brand and mission, color and fabric selections, as well as their customer profile. 

The goal was to narrow down their designs to just two cohesive looks, which the students will bring to life and reveal at the Stephens Spring ‘24 Collections Fashion Show. 






More about Audrey: www.devildollbyaudrey.com. 

More about the Stephens College Fashion program: Fashion Programs | Stephens College 


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