The Ekphrastic Review is more than just an online publication; it's a bi-weekly writing challenge, and a new Creative Writing class at Stephens.

The newest Creative Writing class at Stephens, taught by Associate Professor Dr. Jim Terry, encourages students to participate in bi-weekly writing challenges put on by the online publication, The Ekphrastic Review.

Students respond to a specific visual prompt each time, usually a piece of historic artwork. They can submit poetry, creative nonfiction, flash fiction, microfiction, or any other form of creative writing, up to 1000 words max.

Just because they submit, doesn't mean their writing will be chosen for publication. Even so, six of Stephens students have recently been selected to be published for their poetry!

You can see their work in The Ekphrastic Review (scroll down to find their works), which were based on the visual prompt seen below -- "Page from Grimoires Illuminees," by Pierre Richard (France), dated from before 1879.

Congratulations to Katie Davie, River Louraine, Julie Wiley, Mads Christiansen, Baylee Bleu, and Ruby Siegel!

"Page from Grimoires Illuminees," by Pierre Richard (France) before 1879

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