Virtual Reunion 2021: April 8-10




Thursday, April 8

Research Conference hosted by the Stephens College School of Health Sciences
  • 9:30-10:20 a.m. (CDT) Keynote I: “Someday You’ll Have a White Coat; It Does NOT Come With a Red Cape.” Dr. Amanda Wright, Associate Professor of Family Medicine & Interim Dean, College of Osteopathic Medicine, Marian University
  • 10:30-11:20 a.m. (CDT) Summer Undergraduate Student Research Presentations

Check out the full Research Day schedule >


50th Reunion Class of 1971-Sponsored Panel Discussions

Alumnae and current students are invited.


50 Years of Women’s Liberation and Activism

1-2:15 p.m. (CDT)

Modern American women’s liberation and activism traces its roots to the 1970s on the Stephens campus and nationwide. The 2020 documentary by Academy Award-winning filmmaker, Julia Reichert, 9to5: The Story of a Movement, chronicles the story of thousands of women activists who changed the workplace and inspired both a major motion picture and an anthem. After a public run at, it is available to PBS Passport members only until wider distribution. However, you may watch a 2020 Q&A hosted by AFI DOCS Film Festival with the filmmaker and three of the activists. Join us for a discussion of the film as well as the impact of the many movements spawned 50 years ago on women’s lives since then and on present-day society.

    • Host: Class of 1971, Diane Campbell Sher '71, Retired Wealth Manager; Owner, DSher, Inc.; Class President and Alumnae Association Board, Stephens College; St. Louis, MO
    • Moderator: Kerri Yost, Assoc. Professor of Digital Filmmaking, Stephens College; Independent Filmmaker; Director/Programmer Citizen Jane Film Festival 2008-2014; Columbia, MO
    • Panelists:
      • Carol “Mattie” Hall '67, '69, Founder, Carol Hall & Associates, Los Angeles, CA
      • Ann Breidenbach, Asst. Professor of English and Creative Writing; Women’s Studies, Stephens College; Columbia, MO      
      • Lyndsey Olson ’98, City Attorney at City of Saint Paul (full-time), Staff Judge Advocate - 34th Red Bull Infantry Division (part-time), Adjunct Professor of Law - University of Minnesota (part-time); St. Paul, MN


The Path from Stephens to the Board Room

2:30-3:45 p.m. (CDT)

Although recent U.S. legislative efforts and other initiatives have helped bring women’s representation in corporate boardrooms to an all-time high, it remains under 20%. This despite the fact that studies show gender and other types of diversity lead to better processes and outcomes. In an often less-than-inviting environment, how do women prepare and position themselves for selection to serve on public and not-for-profit boards? Log on for lessons shared, an overview of the current Stephens Center for Career and Professional Development (CCPD) curriculum and a lively Q&A.

      • Host: Class of 1971, Diane Campbell Sher '71, Retired Wealth Manager; Owner, DSher, Inc.; Class President and Alumnae Association Board, Stephens College; St. Louis, MO
      • Moderator: Anita Parran '73, Principal, KK Communications; Board of Trustees, Stephens College; Kansas City, MO
      • Panelists:
        • Maxine Clark, Founder and Former CEO, Build-A-Bear Workshops; Developer, Delmar DivINe™, St. Louis, MO
        • M. Anne Murphy '78, VP Development, Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast; Board of Trustees, Stephens College; Houston, TX
        • Leslie Willey '83, Vice President of Academic Affairs and Interim Dean for School of Integrative Studies, Stephens College; Columbia, MO


Alumnae Volunteerism

4-5 p.m. (CDT)

Join Noah Hartsfield, Manager of the Stephens College Center for Career and Professional Development, for a discussion of the ways alumnae can provide a "career connect" for current students.


Friday, April 9

Welcome by President Lynch followed by Campus + Columbia Tour

10-11:30 a.m. (CDT)

President Dianne Lynch kicks off Reunion with welcome remarks. Student Ambassadors share their view of campus on a fun walk, and we share a video tour of downtown Columbia filmed by a current Stephens student.


AHI/Stephens Alumnae Travel Program

12:30-1:30 p.m. (CDT)

Ready to get away and travel in 2021-2022 or beyond? How about a river journey or small group land trip? Join Mike Hull, AHI Travel, in partnership with Stephens to learn about the renewed travel program.


Honors Convocation and Conferral of Alumnae Awards

3-5 p.m. (CDT) | Live-streamed from the Kimball Ballroom of Lena Raney Wood Hall

Celebrate the successes of our senior award winners and presentation of the Alumnae Achievement Awards and Jean Clinton Roeschlaub ’44 Alumnae Service Awards. 


Selected Academic Programs and Athletics Happy Hours

5-7 p.m. (CDT) (Concurrent sessions) | Hosted by program leaders and faculty

  • Athletics with Miguel Paredes, Athletics Director
  • English + Creative Writing and student publications with Kate Kogut, Associate Professor and Chair of English + Creative Writing
  • Education and Human Development with Dr. Sean Clouse, Associate Professor and Chair of Education, and Beth Watson, Director of the Children's School at Stephens College
  • Digital Filmmaking with Chase Thompson, Associate Professor and Chair of Digital Filmmaking
  • Health Sciences, Health Information Administration, Nursing and Psychology with Dr. Julia Moffitt, Dean of the School of Health Sciences, and Dr. Noreen Houck, Founding Director of Nursing
  • Performing Arts with Jennifer Hemphill, Assistant Professor and Chair of Musical Theatre and Acting, and Michael Burke, Assistant Professor and Chair of Technical Theatre and Costume Design

Note: Equestrian and Fashion events take place on Saturday.


Saturday, April 10


President’s State of the College Address

10-11 a.m. (CDT)

Grab your morning coffee and listen to the State of the College address and presentation by Dianne Lynch, President of Stephens College. Rajah Maples ’97, President of the Alumnae Association Board, will introduce the President and moderate dialogue with alumnae.


Equestrian Open House

12:30-1:30 p.m. (CDT) | Equestrian Center/Stables

Equestrian Open House with Sara Linde Patel '02, Equestrian Studies Program Chair, along with students and their horses.


Fashion Senior Collections Short Films

2-3 p.m. (CDT)

The Fashion Show Production class presents the Fashion Design and Product Development Senior Collections short films. Join our fashion program students and faculty as they continue with their timeless traditions during these disruptive times. 

Join our Fashion students in a Q&A where you will have the opportunity to learn about their experiences and process of this production and the 77th annual THE COLLECTIONS fashion show exhibition opening on April 24. 


Private Class Parties

6 p.m. (CDT)

Registration is required for class parties.

Enjoy a live Zoom with your classmates, share your stories, and meet new friends! Gather privately for parties, celebration and loads of fun. Each group may have an open conversation or plan a more structured party.

  • All golden classes (1959 and before)
  • 1960-1969
  • 1970-1971
  • 1972-1981
  • 1982-1989
  • 1990-1994
  • 1995-2001
  • 2002-2010
  • 2011
  • 2012-2020


Reunion 2021 Class Leaders





Gretchen Kimball '57

[email protected]

Belvedere, CA

(415) 435-5120

Sharon Watson '56




Diana Groshong '61

[email protected]

Columbia, MO

(573) 442-5371

Diane Sher '71

[email protected]

St Louis, MO

(314) 952-3851

Dee Dee Crook '71

[email protected]

Phoenix, AZ

(602) 908-2580

Kathy Sherrod '71




Libby (Taylor) Reid '71             




Jana Kloppe '76

[email protected]

Phoenix, AZ

(602) 710-1044

Melinda Watson '81

[email protected]

Bellbrook, OH

(610) 504-7997

Nancy Evans '81

[email protected]


(402) 944-7853

Rebecca Earp '86

[email protected]

Kansas City, MO

(816) 914-6914

Lollie Weeks '86

[email protected]

Boston, MA

(781) 400-6589

Erleen Anderson '91

[email protected]

London, UK


Candice Barkley '96




Karith Foster '96

[email protected]

Plano, TX

(917) 533-5990

Yvonne Chamberlain '01

[email protected]

Columbia, MO

(305) 527-2543

Katharine Wilkinson '06

[email protected]

Cheyenne, WY

(307) 421-5582

Amy Moum '06

[email protected]


(573) 424-8510

Tenn Martin '11

[email protected]

Los Angeles, CA

(731) 438-0864

Erin Hanson '11




Brittany Morgan '11




Courtney Tenzer '11

[email protected]

San Diego, CA

(417) 343-5717

Monica Wood '11


Emily Petrie '11

[email protected]

Los Angeles, CA

(818) 439-5791

D’era Taylor '11

[email protected]

O'Fallon, MO

(323) 691-8515


Reunion 2020 Class Leaders

Taressa Snelling Fisher ’82 | Marilyn Mikan Milko ’60 | Stacy Holland ’65 | Martha Johnson Gennarelli ’75 | Joy Katzen-Guthrie ’80 | Leigh Anne Preston ’85 | Jennifer Svrcek ’90 | Karyn Meek ’95 | Valerie Shaw ’00 | Lynne Sandor ’00 | Dr. Erika Rasure ’05 | Heather Korman ’10 | Katherine Sharp ’15 | Emily Mendoza ’15 ([email protected], (319) 321-0903) 


A message from the College

We are excited to see you virtually in April. Reunion is such a special time to reconnect with friends. Feel free to contact me at [email protected] or (573) 876-7110.

Lori Ewing, Assistant Director of Engagement


Attendees (355)

Updated April 12, 2021

Millie Wesley ’50

Mary Jo Bobbe ’50

Carol Werner Kirkpatrick ’51  

Carol Blanchard ’52

Patricia Faulkner ’55

Sara Jane Johnson '56 

Mollie Soloway ’56

Ann Gregory ’56

Jeri Hafter '57

Gretchen Bush Kimball '57 

Sue Kaestner ’57

Susan Grigsby ’57

Doris Painter Littrell '58 

Mary Calcott ’58

Carol Blanchard ’59

Nancy Pond Brown ’59

Betty Lawer ’60

Cynthia Bartol '61 

Linda Childs Maxey '61

Mindi Len Milling Simoneau '61 

Diana Groshong ’61

Johanna Quinn ’61

Patricia Leighton ’61

Linda Freeman ’61

Claire Lawrence ’61

Lo Anne Mayer ’61

Linda Freeman ’61

Gloria Powell Myers '64 

Beca Bruening DeLoach '65 

Carolyn Skoglund Kuttenkuler '65 

Virginia Hildebrand Jones '65 

Carole Jensen ’65

Candy Capogrossi ’65

Linda Chapman ’65

Shelley Gorny Schoenherr '66

Janan Huntsberry ’66

Sherri Ellis ’66

Diane Merrifield ’66

Kathryn Johnson '67 

Jean Hokanson '68

Lee Henson '69 

Joyce McClure '69

Janet Vaslow ’69

Carol Hall ’69

Charlotte Holtzermann ’69

Carol Dove ’69

Deborah Snyder ’70

Lind Butler ’70

Linda Adler ’70

Bonnie Zager ’70

Montine Fox Hough ’70

Marjorie Adams '71

Alana Louise Gattis Bell '71

Bari Biern '71

Cynthia Odor Blosser '71 

Clara Adams Chumney '71 

Lynn Gardner Collins '71

Suzann Darrow Farren '71  

Elizabeth (Libby) Talbott Ferrell '71 and Wayne Ferrell  

Joyce French '71

Anna Tannenbaum Hudson '71 

Rebecca Judson '71

Nancy Kaminskas '71  

Patricia Keating '71  

Connie Schmidt Loveless '71

Linda Hummelstein Newport '71

Edna Louise McCulloch Oakley '71

Beatrice Reese '71

Diane Campbell Sher '71  

Kathy Stolte Sherrod '71 and Robert Sherrod

Lisa Jones Teczar '71

Miriam White Taylor '71

Judith Vokac '71 

Nancy Botsch Wilson '71

Marlene Nusbaum ’71

Libby Taylor Reid ’71 

Elsya Stockin ’71

Kristin Bates ’71

Deanne Crook ’71

Sally Burnley ’71

Holly Brothers ’71

Jill Turner ’71

Marilyn Macha ’71

Deborah Spieler ’71

Karen Cramer ’71

Claire Cramer Jebsen ’71

Deborah Bullock ’71

Jane Fogg ’71

Jeanette Korab ’71

Joanna Satorius ’71

Cindy Steineger Blair ’71

Kathy Walker Dyer ’71

Ann Walker-King ’71

Jolai Jenkins ’71

Kristin Allemann ’71

Carole Hunter ’71

Gwendolyn Williams ’71

Janet Vaslow ’71  

Jane Kane ’71

Sue Bruce ’71

Barbara Harmala ’71

Barbara Sherman ’71

Zola Frank ’71

Linda Long ’71  

Cindy Morrissey ’71

Carol Chapoton Wood ’71

Holly Kraus ’71

Patricia Adams ’71

Deb Schoelerman ’71

Shelley Scott ’71

Carolyn Russ ’71

Candy Dean ’71

Jeanne Welsh ’71

Pat Campbell ’71

Lia Tepp Barrad '72 

Linda McAnally ’72

Barbara Heitz ’72

Judy Strain Vanet '73

Mark Taylor ’73

Linda Aulgur ’73

Marilyn Avila ’73

Dana Moore ’73

Sandra Eisenberg ’74

Martha Johnson Gennarelli '75 

Kenneth Newman '75 

Charlotte Dyslin ’75

Ann Burton ’75

Denise Grotz ’75

Sandra Eisenberg ’75

Ann Souder ’76

Ardith Kirchhoff ’76

Ronda Robinson ’76

Regina Feldman Koch '77 

Helen Simmons ’77

Kristy Rice ’77

M. Anne Murphy ’78

Kathy Brooks ’78

Katharine Lance ’78

Sharran Parkinson ’78

Susan Stearns ’79

Jeanette Poillon ’79

Shelley Blessing Bay '80 

Joy Katzen-Guthrie '80 

Jane Reid '80

Janice Crane Spears '80

Ann Little ’80  

Cokie Anderson ’80

Roseann Durbin ’80

Anne Pedersen ’80

Cynthia Erb '81 

Lori Richardson '81 

Karen Steele Steele-Avery '81 

Nancy Ingholt Evans '81

Linda Daugherty Saunders '81 

Susan Swope '81 

Maryam Russell Webster '81

Jane Bauley Hunt ’81

Gina Peot Zager ’81

Lisa Kenney ’81

Julie Northlake ’81

Nancy Evans ’81

Kerry Brocker '82

Taressa Snelling Fisher '82

Morrison Jackson '82

Erin Keating ’82

Carrie Barnett ’82

Michelle Todman ’83

Sara Richter ’83

Kellie Campbell ’84

Michael Quevli ’84

Jacqueline Wooters ’84

Karen Mayer Loenser '85

Jan Curtis ’85

Susan Dycus ’85  

Ellen Vollrath '86

Cat Williford ’86

Ruth Ann Burke ’86

Rebecca Earp ’86

Elizabeth Rosen ’86

Jenifer Brandeberry ’86

Anne O’Rourke ’86

Lollie Weeks ’86

Lyn Anderson ’86

Deidre DeJohn Kroll '87 

Wendy Hatem ’87

Julie Manshel '87

Dona Berrisford Nabrowski '87

Elizabeth Stephens '87 

Julie M. Wedemeyer '87

Mia Spolan ’87

Heather Hunter ’89

Arlette Tinsley ’89   

Mary Gehlhar '90 

Kristin Rainey '90 

Bethany Tucker '90 

Jack Babb ’90

Michele McCall ’90

Erleen Anderson '91

Kristin Atwell Ford '91

Sheri Greenberg Gadberry '91  

Elizabeth Pendergast-Rainey Glasscox '91

Marti Howe '91

“T” Irmsher '91

Stephanie Skelley '91

Alicia Moser Skroska '91  

Teresa Smith '91 

Patricia Eggerding ’91

Samantha Siedhoff ’91

Jane Drummond ’91, ’14

Kelly Hill ’91

Kathy Saint ’91

David Hudson ’91

Amanda Losty ’91

Carolyn McHale ’91

Elizabeth Fehsenfeld ’91

Michelle Laven ’91

Gayle Jackson Kirk ’91

Monica Dalton ’91

Amy Bond '92 

Cary Curran '92 

Rachel Gross Langley '93 

Kimberly Zarenchansky '93 

Simonie Wilson ’93

Shannon Walls ’93  

Tiffany Lanigan ’93

Sarah McNett '94 

Leslie Carter Kidwell '95 

Jennifer Snow Nayak '95

Laine Rosen '95

Susan Perkins ’95

Jennifer Brinkman ’95

Tracie Reilly ’95

Tara Liaschenko ’95

Miranda Smith ’95

Santina Chen ’95

Lisa Marie Gala ’95

Karith Foster '96

Karen Painter Maggine '96

Julie McWilliams ’96

Michelle Runyan-Tibbs ’96

Laurie Pottmeyer ’96

Katie Cootsona ’96

Rajah Maples '97

Mary Margaret Hoffmann Meritt '98 

Courtney Yount McGinnis '98

Silissa Uriarte Smith ’98

Sharon Lenger Farley '99 

Priscilla Linton '00 

Brandy Nicholson '00 

Bronwyn MacFarlane ’00

Michelle Allen ’00

Yvonne Chamberlain '01 

Bonnie Olszewski ’01

Crystal Sim ’01

Mindy Becker ’01

Cindy Lou Vogel ’01

Rashida Dorsey ’01

Jennifer Crown '02 

Jennifer Nitzband Flaks '03 

Beth Pembrey ’03

Jeannetta Hartley '04 

Toni Hull ’04

Megan Silverstein Hart '05 

Amy Steemke ’05

Kelly Summers Tarapani ’06

Gina Capps Colombini '06

Katherine Kunz Wilkinson '06

Audrey Swartz '06 

Susan Foster ’06, ’10

Jessi Hawkins ’06

Amanda Chastain Best '08 

Lindsey Weber ’08

Michaela Dehning ’08

Dawn Sherrill Anderson '09 

Breanna Sheridan ’09

Jennifer Leible ’09

Ashley Harris '10

Lainey Hughes McQuaid '10 

Katelyn DeShazo Wood '10

Celia Bowen ’10

Katie Nicholson ’10

Chey Jezreel ’10

Krissey Galli Anderson '11

Hannah Brady '11 

Andie Young Burnidge '11 

Samantha Cook Boisclair '11 

Kelsea DeShazo Dubuque '11

Alexander Freer '11

Miriam Gossett '11

Ciara N. McCormack Greenwalt '11  

Bonita Harris '11  

Victoria Hogan '11

Kristen Chumley Jaques '11

Tae’lor Jones '11

Laura Stottlemyre Kloster '11

Elise Kratz-Lee '11

Nicole Martin '11  

Tennessee Martin '11  

Kristin McCowan '11

Katie McKellar '11  

Grace Baker Moenning '11

Lauren Eye Moran '11

Brittany Morgan '11

Abby Herzog Pedano '11

Bridget Peter '11 

Emily Petrie '11 

Sarah Purdue Schatsiek '11 

Samantha Schwartzman '11  

Natalie (Elizabeth) Stezovsky '11

Sascha Streckel '11  

D’era Hall Taylor '11 

Courtney Mellinger Tenzer '11  

Antiana Valentine ’11

Valerie Lyon ‘11

Kaitlyn Feist ’11

Lauren Holman ’11

Tiffany Noble ’11  

Lauren Heberer ’11

Sascha Streckel ’11

Jeremiah Stanfield ’11

Kelsey Benson ’11

Rachel Gaynes ’11  

Brittany Curran ’11

Stacey Roth ’11

Laura Kline ’11

Michael Ciriaco ’11

Ernestina Ewell ’11

Samantha Galati Iadanza '12 

Jori Snyder ’12

Madelyn Hereford ’13

Erika Watson ’13

Angel Mendez '14 

Cordy Brannan ’14

Megan Dasczynski '15 

Emily Mendoza '15 

Briannica Ponder '15 

Evalyne McInnish Tracy '15 

Beck Dickerson ’15

Linda Pattie ’15

Katherine Sharp ’15  

La’Cretsia Parrow ’15

Alayna Nieters ’15

Heather Beger '16

Kirsten Izzett ’16

Emily Cross ’16

Kelsi Halvarson ’16

Shelly Romero '17

Catherine Aman ’18

Anna Alves ’20

Laura Natha

Maxine Clark

Judith Clark

Julia Moffitt

Ann Breidenbach

Dane Fuhrman

Updated April 12, 2021



Is the virtual reunion schedule the same as the in-person reunion? 

The agenda is very similar but has been adapted to the new format. We've worked hard to ensure opportunities for all participants to learn, grow and lead. 


How will I access the virtual reunion?

You will be eligible to participate via Zoom after registering. Access links and instructions will be sent in advance of Thursday, April 8.


Do I need to have a subscription to Zoom to participate in Reunion? 

No, only an internet connection and browser are needed.


Do I need to register for the virtual reunion?  

Yes! Registration allows us to be better prepared technically and gauge participant interest, and is required for any participation, including the Class Parties.


How do I register for the virtual reunion? has the latest schedule and registration links.


I've already registered and paid for the in-person reunion; what's next? 

You will be contacted by email and offered a refund or opportunity to donate your registration fee. Pick your Friday and Saturday evening events and either edit your registration or email us your choices.


Is the virtual reunion free?  

Yes, it is free to register. However, donations are appreciated for the Stephens Fund and count toward your class giving. 


May my spouse register? 

Yes, spouses/significant others are welcome to join Reunion events.


My friend is not in my class, or a milestone class. Can they still register and join? 

YES, any Alumna from any class is invited to every Reunion.


Can we see current and former staff and faculty?

Everyone is welcome to register and join the virtual reunion. 


Can we invite staff and faculty to our class dinner?

The College will send invitations to all current and former faculty and staff. You are welcome to work with your class volunteers to send invitations to specific individuals. The Alumnae Office is happy to help.


Can I register on the same day of reunion? 

Technically yes, but early registration is highly recommended as you may otherwise experience delays in receiving needed information. Early registration also means we can send you updates and reminders and helps us predict demand so we can be best prepared technically.  


May I attend some but not all parts of Reunion?

Yes, your participation is totally flexible, but attendance does require registration. Access information will be provided prior to Reunion via email.


Will Reunion events be recorded?

Select events and presentation content will be recorded and made available for later viewing at


What about Reunion 2022?

The College is committed to in-person Stephens College reunions in the future (when it is safe to do so!).


What is Zoom?

Zoom is a popular platform for video and audio conferencing, chat and webinars. It is easy to use on phones, tablets and computers. You do not need a camera, but it is recommended for all interactive sessions such as panel discussions, happy hours and class parties. For those larger events, we also recommend you consider tablets and computers for a richer experience. Zoom instructions and links will be emailed to you. There will be interactive introductory sessions offered during the week prior to Reunion to help you get set up if you are a first-time user. 


Where can I learn more about the virtual reunion?

The Stephens website has the latest schedule and registration links.


I have questions about the virtual reunion. Who should I contact?

Please contact the alumnae staff in the Office of Engagement (573-876-7110 or [email protected]) or contact your reunion class leaders.


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