When can I apply?

  •  Fall admission by February 1, for direct admission to the 3-year program.
  • Spring admission by November 1, for advance standing (transfer students).

 We encourage students to apply for a fall start by February 1. Students who have taken pre-nursing courses may apply for advance standing and a spring start should submit their application by November 1.



What are the admission criteria?


Here is a link to the Nursing program admission guidelines https://www.stephens.edu/academics/undergraduate-programs/nursing/nursing-program-admissions/



Can I apply to the college and later apply to nursing?


Students may apply to the college as an Integrative Human Biology or Health Science major. Internal transfer students and change of major students may apply to the program but space is limited to current students first. Internal change of major students who have completed the first semesters of courses required for nursing may apply to the first summer session by April 1 of the prior semester. Change of major will be dependent of course grades, strength of application and available space.



Will I be able to apply as a transfer student?


We will consider transfer students who apply for the spring semester. Applications are due by November 1. Students should have completed 12 or more college credits including transferable courses in general chemistry, lifespan development, general psychology and introductory biology or scientific methods.



Will I be eligible for licensure as an RN?


Yes, students will graduate eligible for the RN licensing examination. Please visit the Missouri Board of Nursing website: https://www.pr.mo.gov/nursing.asp to review licensing criteria and review the Missouri Nursing Practice Act https://pr.mo.gov/boards/nursing/npa.pdf



Is this a BSN, Bachelor or Associate degree?


Students will complete this program with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). Students will be eligibility to take the licensing exam NCLEX-RN and apply for licensing through their state board of nursing.



How long is the program?


This is a 3-year program, which includes 8 semesters, and includes 2 summer semesters.



Is this a residency program?


Yes, this is an intensive program with clinical experiences beginning the first summer and continue throughout the next 6-semesters. Students are eligible to stay on campus, close to the hospital and many learning experiences will occur throughout the day, including evenings, nights and weekends.



Where are the clinical experiences?


Clinical, practical, and applied learning experiences occur at Boone Hospital, at area hospitals and healthcare facilities, practice sites, regional county health departments and many places in the community where nursing care is needed.



Will I need a car?


You may need a car or the ability to carpool after the first two semesters to get to community-based clinical sites.



Will you offer an RN-BSN completion program?


We do not offer an RN-BSN program at this time.



Do you have an LPN-RN program?


No, LPN-RN programs are more commonly offered at community college programs.



My background check came back positive for a felony or misdemeanor. Does this mean I'm ineligible to apply?


A positive conviction on an applicant's background check does not automatically result in denial of admission to our programs. Positive background checks are evaluated on a case-by-case basis but may impact eligibility for licensure. Applicants are welcome to submit statements regarding prior conviction history to give context and/or explain how they overcame the issues that caused the conviction. 



Is the program accredited?


The college is in the process of applying for accreditation through the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE), the accrediting arm of the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN). We have applied for New Applicant Status. We will then apply for accreditation, within five years, and once approved, will be retroactive to the admission of the first class.


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