The world needs more women and non-binary creatives like you making films.


During the pre-production phase of SFI students learn different aspects of producing and preparing to make the film. Team examples are: Casting, Design, Social Media and many more.






The production phase of SFI introduces students to the authentic experience of being on set and gives many opportunities to collaborate with experienced mentors. 




Experienced professionals will work with students during and after SFI to help build their network. This network will be integral to helping students adjust to the industry. 





Grow your creative confidence

Being able to work in our environment builds students' confidence tremendously. It gives space for those whose voices have been hushed. This experience will be vital in directing, negotiating, or filming once immersed in the industry.

Activities you can work on together

Here at Stephens College, we are like a family. Lasting relationships will be built in those early hours of the day spent in the editing lab or on set. Supporting each other and uplifting others' voices is what we strive to achieve every day.

Stephens Film Institute

SFI is an intensive summer experience that brings together digital filmmaking students, professional guest filmmakers and filmmaking faculty to produce, shoot and edit a film together in a realistic working environment. Freshmen and sophomores rotate through positions on set while juniors and seniors select a role that aligns with their goals. This is an opportunity to ask questions and get experience from filmmakers in the industry.

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