Fewer than 15% of skilled workers in high-demand trades are women.


Women report feeling that careers in these high-paying fields (like construction, carpentry and transportation) are out of reach because they: 

- can't afford to take time off work to get the credentials they need.

- struggle to find a way to pay more for childcare while they learn.

- feel underprepared for these highly skilled technical roles.

- worry about facing bullying and harassing behavior on worksites.

- generally feel unsupported in their career choice/change.


We're here to change that.

Our Workforce Development at Stephens programs are designed in an apprenticeship model, where women can earn as they learn. The goal is to empower women to enter into historically male-dominated fields. Since 1833, Stephens College has supported and encouraged trailblazing women as they reach for their goals; these programs are an extension of that bold legacy.

+ Immersive, hands-on learning 

+ Childcare provided

+ Transportation to and from jobsites available

+ PPE and required workwear provided

+ All-women crews on jobsites to ensure a more comfortable transition

+ Stipends

+ And more


Stephens College’s FREE Pre-Apprenticeship program can prepare you to successfully transition to a Department of Labor Registered Apprenticeship Program in the trades!


Construction Pre-Apprenticeship Program 

The Stephens College Construction Pre-Apprenticeship Program is designed to provide individuals with foundational knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to pursue a career in the construction industry. This program typically serves as a steppingstone for individuals who are interested in entering an apprenticeship or formal training program in a specific construction trade.
Successful completion of the Construction Pre-Apprenticeship Program can position participants for entry into more specialized apprenticeships, where they can further hone their skills in a specific construction trade, such as carpentry, heavy highway construction, plumbing, electrical work, masonry, or other trades. 


General Carpentry Apprenticeship Program

The Stephens College General Carpentry Apprenticeship Program is a structured training initiative designed to provide individuals with in-depth knowledge, practical skills, and hands-on experience in the field of carpentry. This program is typically aimed at those who aspire to become skilled carpenters capable of working on a wide range of construction projects.
General Carpentry Apprenticeships involve a combination of classroom instruction and practical, paid, on-the-job training. This dual approach allows apprentices to learn both the theoretical knowledge and the practical skills necessary for carpentry.





Highway Construction Apprenticeship Program 

The Stephens College Highway Construction Apprenticeship Program is a specialized training initiative designed to provide individuals with the skills, knowledge, and experience necessary to work in the heavy highway construction industry. This industry involves the construction and maintenance of roads, bridges, highways, and other large-scale infrastructure projects.
Heavy Highway Apprenticeships combine classroom instruction with paid, hands-on, practical training in real-world construction environments.





Stephens College, an innovator in empowering women since 1833, is working with industry partners like Reinhardt Construction and Capital Paving & Construction to upskill women so they are job-ready for opportunities in skilled trade roles.
The stackable certificate programs will help women get college credit that can build into a degree if they wish to continue their education beyond their chosen apprenticeship. Designed in an earn-and-learn model, these programs empower women to enter into an historically male-dominated fields.

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