In February, Stephens College will highlight successful Black alumnae and students who have impacted Columbia and beyond.

Tatianna Hawkins is a 2022 graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Strategic Communication and Integrated Marketing. She currently works as a marketing agent at Apple Inc. She also has her own business, Pretty Unique, which she started as a student-athlete at Stephens College. 


The experience that Tatianna received at Stephens allowed her to be more optimistic, slow to take offense, and accelerate her creativity, giving her the ability to generate great ideas while staying current with what’s going on in the world. She also credits Stephens for making her more open-minded. 


“With the world changing so much around us day by day, it’s important that we live each moment in the moment and are open-minded,” Tatianna says. 


Her favorite memory while attending Stephens was crossing the bridge when she started her journey at the college — her time at Stephens taught her to be a player for all seasons, teaching her how to set goals and objectives. She learned the importance of being timely and accessible. Tatianna credits her experience at Stephens for teaching her to be a team player, problem solver, communicator, motivator, and innovative. 


As a business owner, she advises current students to shoot for the stars. 


She says, “The sky is the limit; you can do anything you put your mind to. The biggest obstacle that you will go through will be your mind and your belief in your ability to continue to push through when things get hard.”

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