The Stephens Stars have added a new Head Softball Coach to the roster. Let's get to know Coach Poulsen!

Introduce yourself, tell us your sports background, and how you got to Stephens College.  

My name is Clint Poulsen and I have grown up playing and coaching sports my entire life it seems.  I played baseball, basketball and fastpitch softball in school here in Missouri.  Growing up my first love was always baseball, but after playing fastpitch in high school my love for softball grew!  I went on to play some college baseball at Central Methodist before graduating and beginning my coaching career. 

I first started coaching basketball and baseball, but after a couple of years a position on the softball staff in Boonville, MO opened, and I never hesitated in taking it with my former coach and mentor George Monk.  That took me to various high schools around the area: Pilot Grove, Cole Camp, and Rock Bridge.  In addition to that, I also coached travel softball as my oldest daughter played and grew to love the same game I did and then later when my youngest daughter did as well.  


Why Stephens? 

I have had my eye on Stephens for quite a while, having applied here for the head softball job a few years ago and finishing second in the hiring process.  I like that Stephens has a small school atmosphere, while being in a fairly large college town.  The friendly nature of everyone on campus is so inviting and what I was used to in smaller high schools during my teaching and coaching career.


What are you looking forward to this year? 

I am looking forward to putting this group of girls together and battling game in and game out.  I am excited to expand our fan base here in the area and across the state!


What is your motivation or inspiration to work in athletics?  

I am motivated by my desire to affect change in young adults' lives.  I am one of the most competitive people you will meet, but I also love to learn and grow with my players on and off the field.  I know most coaches preach having a family atmosphere in their programs, but I strive to develop that each and every time I am around my players.  I believe that making the world better one person at a time can be replicated over and over and can make the change needed.


Who is your favorite athlete and why?  

My favorite athlete is hands down Ozzie Smith.  I grew up as a shortstop and Ozzie was the best defensive shortstop ever.  In a game where hitting gets most of the big ooohs and aaahs, Ozzie could do the same thing with his glove.  He also worked to be a good hitter and so his work ethic was very impressive.


Welcome to the team, Coach Poulsen!

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