There's a better way.

How many times have you finished a course, earned a good grade, and still wondered what you actually learned, why it matters, and how you’ll use it in your professional life? At Stephens, we know there’s a better way to learn—and a better way to find your path. 

It’s called the Block Schedule, and it works like this: 

  • You take one class at a time. It meets every day for 3.5 weeks — typically 9 a.m. to noon, for a total of 18 days. We call those sessions “blocks.”
  • Then you take a four-day break.
  • And then you do it again: One class, one topic, one immersive learning experience at a time, adding up to four blocks each semester.

Why? So your college education is more meaningful. And you get on the career path that’s right for you sooner.

Smart, right? 


5 things to know about the Block Schedule

Learn in lots of different ways.

Because our professors are teaching one class at a time, they can focus on you and create as many different immersive, active learning experiences as they (and you) can imagine—inside and outside the classroom. 

No more class juggling.

You won’t have the stress of prioritizing your time across multiple papers and exams for multiple classes. 

Time on your side.

You’ll have more uninterrupted time in the afternoons, which makes it easier to get and stay involved in campus activities, athletics, and work experiences.

The Block Schedule can take you anywhere.

You can devote an entire block to a customized, short-term study abroad. Or field research. Or an internship/shadowing experience through one of our alumni. We offer grants to make it affordable.

Keep moving forward.

You learn just as much (and earn as many credits) in one block as you would over the course of a regular semester.  If you come in with college credits (most of our students do), you can take advantage of our year-round dorms and summer blocks to graduate sooner. 


Five other things to know about Stephens
  1. We get to the good stuff right away. You’re discovering and following your passions from Day 1. 
  2. We empower students from all backgrounds to be original thinkers and to create the lives they aspire to. 
  3. We love your pets! We’re the pet-friendliest campus in the world. Please bring yours or earn a scholarship by fostering a pet while you’re here! 
  4. Our campus is a safe, lovely green space – and a two-minute walk to the heart of Columbia, Missouri, one of America’s great college towns. 
  5. If you come in with college credits (most of our students do), you can take advantage of our year-round dorms and summer blocks to graduate sooner. 


Come check it out for yourself!

Curious to learn more? We invite you to visit campus, where you can talk to other students, meet with faculty, and see for yourself if Stephens is a good fit for you.

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