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Stephens College has always been student-focused and that includes working one-on-one with transfer students to ensure a seamless transition into our programming and community.

We work closely with transfer students to evaluate credits, making sure students are able to transfer the maximum credit hours. Faculty advisers work with transfer students immediately to create advising plans.

Transfer Student Admissions Process (Undergraduate Residential students)

Step 1: Explore our programs

Step 2: Get to know us

Step 3: Apply to Stephens 

  • We understand the importance of responding to busy transfer students quickly. In most cases, once we receive your completed application and college-level transcripts, we will respond with an admissions decision within five days. Application fees for transfer students are waived.
  • Your application is also automatically reviewed for merit-scholarship eligibility. These scholarships range from $5,000-$15,000/year and are largely based on your cumulative GPA beginning at 2.5. Members of Phi Theta Kappa may qualify for the $15,000-level award.

Step 4: See what transfers to Stephens College:

Stephens College generally accepts credit for every class completed at the college level with a grade of C or better.

Step 5: Learn more about paying for college     

Step 6: Pay your enrollment deposit

MACCStephens Admissions Process

If you are a current MACC student looking for information the MACCStephens program, visit our ExploreMACCStephens page. Ready to apply? Visit our ApplyMACCStephens page. 

General Education Transfer Guidelines

We are pleased to work with you to help you with your transfer process to Stephens College. Here are some common general education requirements and their typical substations. However, you can always ask us. Your situation may be different. These are guidelines only until final review. 

  • English Composition can be satisfied by classes such as “composition,” “freshman English,” etc. 
  • Research Writing can be satisfied by an English composition II class. 
  • Arts Array can be satisfied by any class that is the study of an art (such as art history, music appreciation, film studies, survey of theater, etc.) but not the creation of art (such as a drawing class, a singing class, and acting class, etc.) 
  • History Array can be satisfied by any history class. 
  • Intercultural Array can be satisfied by several social science type classes; these might include cultural studies, sociology, anthropology, etc. but not by psychology.  
  • Literature Array can be satisfied by any literature studies classes. 
  • Quantitative Literacy can be satisfied by most college-level math classes. 
  • Natural Science Array can be satisfied by most science classes (biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, etc.) 
  • Women Centered can be satisfied by a class that has a specifically stated focus on women’s issues or gender differences (including something like “women in history”, etc.) 
  • Sophomore Global Studies can be satisfied by a sophomore-level (usually 200 or above) social science class such as political science, human geography, government, etc.; this is only awarded if the student is transferring in at the junior level or above (at least 54 completed hours).
  • Global Village is a senior-level class. This class cannot be met by transfer credits.

Student Life at Stephens

Stephens students enjoy a small campus setting in a vibrant city named one of the top college towns in the country. We are a community of dreamers and doers, and we are proud to welcome new students to our community who share our commitment to chasing down dreams. Explore student life at Stephens. 

Undergraduate Residential Women’s College eligibility

Consistent with our mission, admission and continued enrollment in our undergraduate residential women’s college is restricted exclusively to women, including students who are legally identified as female and who self-identify as women; students who document an ongoing transition to female and who self-identify as women; and students who are legally identified as female but do not fit within the gender binary. The program will not admit or enroll students who self-identify as men or who are transitioning to male. The policy will go into effect for students admitted or readmitted beginning in the fall of 2019. Last updated October 2018. 

Connect with Us 

Xander Kennedy
Admissions Transfer Coordinator
Phone: (573) 876-7207, Ext. 4326
Fax: (573) 876-7237
Campus Box: 2121
232 Lela Raney Wood Hall

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