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Bachelor of Science

The Bachelor of Science in Animal Behavior (ABe) is an interdisciplinary program focusing on the scientific understanding of animal behavior and human-animal interactions.

Students in the program synthesize insights from biology, psychology, animal science, and other disciplines into a comprehensive scientific understanding of animal behavior. Students are encouraged to tailor their program to suit their intellectual curiosity and professional goals, and they take part in numerous immersive and hands-on activities that promote their development as leaders in their disciplines. 

An ABe degree prepares students for careers in a wide variety of professional settings, including in Training and Shelter Facilities, Veterinary Clinics, Equine Facilities, Welfare Organizations, Research Institutions, Zoos, Museums, and Wildlife and Conservation Organizations. Stephens College’s superb equestrian facilities and commitment to the health and welfare of companion and service animals are foundational aspects of the program and provide the resources and support for students to achieve at the highest level.


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Program Features

  • An exciting interdisciplinary approach. Your major blends courses from biology, psychology, public health, and animal science to build a detailed understanding of animals and human-animal interactions. 
  • Work directly with animals. Our Equestrian center is ready-made for you to engage with horses from the very beginning of your career, and our small animal programs are a key feature of our campus life. 
  • More time to become part of a real team. You, your classmates, and your professor will have each other’s undivided attention, which makes for more meaningful collaboration. 
  • More time to grow your network and build your resume. From Day One, you’ll enter the professional world of animal-focused careers, partnering with local, regional, and national institutions both within classes and outside. 
  • A diversity of great careers. You can tailor your degree to match what motivates you most. Learn what you love. Animal Behaviorist jobs are in demand and expected to grow 8% from 2018 to 2028. Dog trainers in the U.S. earn over $59,315, while behavioral specialists earn $117,760 per year. Pet psychologists earn $84,660, while zoologists earn $57,700.


Stephens’ Small Class Advantage

  • Faculty who know you can better personalize your curriculum path, help you make connections, give referrals and recommendations, and answer questions about your graduate school applications.
  • Research opportunities are available even for first-year students.
  • Small class sizes make for interesting class discussions within an environment that welcomes questions.
  • Students have more opportunities to take on leadership roles.
  • Studying science at a women’s college has a specific advantage: Why STEM students choose women’s colleges >


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