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Study Abroad: A World of Opportunity

Global Exploration

Stephens College expands the boundaries of the campus with a wide variety of overseas study opportunities. Study abroad programs combine academic study with cross-cultural interaction and complement students' major courses of study and foreign language interests. Once introduced to different ways of living, studying, working and communicating, students open doors of opportunity to enter their profession anywhere in the world.

Enhancing Your Major

Stephens College offers study abroad opportunities tailored to enhance every educational pursuit. Programs in London are perfect for students interested in theatre, filmmaking or fashion. Business majors can choose to expand their skills in locations such as Rome, Mumbai, Seoul and Sweden. Dancers can dance in Paris. Writers can write in Ireland. Scientists can explore the ecosystems of South and Central America. No matter the interest, study abroad offers students a new window through which to see their career unfold.

International Internships

In addition to studying, many of Stephens’ study abroad programs offer elite internships and educational volunteer opportunities during the summer or school year. Such opportunities provide valuable hands-on experience in career development abroad.

Speaking a Language

Speaking a foreign language is a valuable complement to a study abroad experience. As international cooperation increases in business, the arts, science and other fields, fluency in two or more languages gives Stephens students a competitive edge. Whether a student’s interest is in Spanish, Arabic, French or Italian, Stephens College Study Abroad allows her the opportunity to immerse herself fully into the culture where the language is spoken, enhancing both her language skills and enabling her to communicate on a direct and personal level.

For more information, contact:
Lynda Baumgartner 
Study Abroad Coordinator
102 Dudley Hall
(573) 876-2317

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