The True/False Film Festival will feature the work of four Stephens students as part of the Saturday night event, Gimme Truth!. Billed by the international festival as “America’s favorite documentary game show,” Gimme Truth! challenges the audience and a panel of contestants to determine the “truthiness” of two-minute documentaries.

Stephens films selected this year are

  • "Dolly Parton's Private Chef" by Lillian Beattie
  • "One Last Note" by Destiny York
  • "I Got a Nose Job for my 21st Birthday" by Christina Parker and Sarah Jeffery

It is not the first time Stephens work has been selected for the popular event. Last year, Stephens student filmmakers took first and second place at the competition.

“Our program's success in having films selected into Gimme Truth! comes from a combination of creative storytelling and presentation,” said Associate Professor Chase Thompson. “We take pride in collecting high-quality audio and visuals and our students have a knack for tricking the judges. The Digital Filmmaking faculty are always looking for real-world competitions for our students so they can learn from the process of submitting work to be judged outside of Stephens.”

Destiny York (above center), a first-year student from Dixon, Mo., didn't expect her film to be chosen out of the large number of submissions. 

“It's great to be able to join those Stephens students who've made it before,” York said. “It's been exciting for me, and I can't wait to experience Gimme Truth! I can't wait to have my film shown in front of an audience, and I'm so incredibly grateful for this opportunity.”

Lillian Beattie (above right), a Columbia native, has entered films before, but this is the first time her work has been selected.

“I am really excited but nervous to be involved,” she said. “This is my first film competition and it’s a little nerve-wracking.”

Christina Parker (above left) of Eldon, Mo. is looking forward to having her film viewed by the enthusiastic Gimme Truth! audience.

“It's an honor to be selected because True/False is a well-known film festival and only 10 films make it in to the final program,” she said. “While I was working on the film, I learned how to condense a story into two minutes. I also learned that it's way more difficult than I originally thought to make a film that is either 100% true or 100% false.” 


About Gimme Truth!

Gimme Truth! will be held Saturday, March 2 at 10 p.m. at  The Blue Note as part of True/False weekend. Local non-professional filmmakers attempt to fool seasoned directors by presenting their totally true or totally false two-minute docs. The event is emceed by host Brian Babylon, a Chicago-born comic who hosts and produces a morning radio show on Chicago Public Radio.  The 2019 contestants/judges are: Anand Patwardhan (director of Reason), Miko Revereza (director of No data plan), Lindsay Utz (editor of American Factory [T/F 2019], Quest [T/F 2017], & Bully [T/F 2012]). See for details. 


About the Stephens College Digital Filmmaking program

The DFM programs at Stephens is focused on hands-on real-world learning. Students begin working with professional film equipment their very first semester. Students learn to write, produce and direct original films while also working alongside fellow filmmakers to produce films together. Students graduate with a professional body of work and the confidence and knowledge to ensure their voices are heard. Explore the program


2018 news

Stephens filmmaking students take first, second in Gimme Truth competition 

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