Eight senior students discussed and read excerpts from their academic and creative capstone projects at Historic Senior Hall on Nov. 11.

Dr. Kate Berneking Kogut, associate professor of English and creative writing, addressed the students before they began. “This is a celebration not just of your senior projects and essays, but of all your time at Stephens — a celebration of your creativity and intellect,” she said.

The group of soon-to-be graduates were proud of each other’s accomplishments, as evidenced by the thoughtful introductions they gave to one another’s work. Projects ranged from historical fiction and speculative poetry to literary analysis and multi-genre collections.

Following the readings, a large crowd gathered in the Historic Senior Hall Board Room to view the students’ poster presentations and ask questions.

The students represented their ideas through a variety of creative media, including hand-painted illustrations, video projection, timelines and collage.

Berneking Kogut said the poster presentations, which were new this year, were inspired by academic conferences, and allowed the students to present their work in greater detail during a one-night event.

Cindy Harbor2

Cindy Harbour ’19, "The Human Element," a work of historical fiction. "I want to get people covertly interested in remembering," Harbor said. "Especially in remembering people on the periphery of the historical point of view."

Meca Brown Sanders 2019

Meca Brown-Sanders ’19, "Little Brown Muse." "I am inspired by the late, great Professor Monica Hand, who encouraged us to use Latin to create poems, and to leave ourselves in poetry class," Brown-Sanders said.

Eliza Larson 2019

Eliza Larson ’19 (pictured left), "Life Within Death," creative work inspired by the shape of the Chinese lantern fruit.

Christina Scott 2019

Christina Scott, "Always Buy Vanilla Extract When It Goes On Sale."

Chloe Dubisch 2019

Chloe Dubisch ’20, "Art and the Liminal Space: Exploring Visual Art in Literature through the Lens of The Goldfinch."

Gabrielle Dooley2

Gabrielle Dooley ’20, "Amazing Amy and Knavish Nick: An Analysis and Comparison of the Unreliable Narrators in Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl."

Julienne Graebner 2019

Julienne Graebner ’19, "Between a Rock and Twihard Place: Sexuality and Morality in Early 2000s YA Vampire Literature."

MJ Jonen 2019

MJ Jonen ’20, "Identity and Experience," which combines a one-act play with a poetry collection and flash fiction.

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