The artwork of Stephens College Associate Professor Kirsty Buchanan ’83 is on sale right now at the True/False film festival. Her Japanese beetle design, “Infestation,” was selected by the festival, among the work of other artists, as best exemplifying the theme “STRANGER <-> HOST.”

Buchanan’s work was selected for an umbrella design last year. She has had T-shirts designs selected for other festival years as well.


“I typically start with thumbnail drawings that explore a variety of motifs answering the prompt, which this year meant exploring evocative relationships,” said Buchanan, a faculty member in the School of Design and an alumna of Stephens.

“In this year's case, I explored ideas related to borders and invasions, played with elements such as a football play diagram, battle diagrams, Pacman and a brain tumor. Usually I submit three designs, and the brain tumor, football play and a Japanese beetle design were my final submissions. The Japanese beetle design made the final cut.”

Read more about the design selection process here.

Stephens film students also had their work selected for the festival’s Gimme Truth! competition. Read more here.

Read Buchanan’s faculty bio here.

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