The work of Associate Professor Chase Thompson is part of a new photography exhibit at the Boone County History and Culture Center. The series of photographs, titled Divided By Time: Columbia, Missouri 1907-2017, is on showcase now through Jan. 27 at the Montminy Art Gallery.

Thompson’s work focuses on the juxtaposition of new photographs of local landmarks overlaid with archive and historical photos of the same landmark. The show “What is Columbia?” challenged each photographer involved to create a visual story that communicates, What is Columbia? – to them.

“For the past 110 years, the City of Columbia has been in a constant flux — one that is difficult to see without distance,” said Thompson, who teaches in the digital filmmaking program at Stephens. “It is easy to forget each citizen is connected to the past at every corner, by every brick, and with all the structures that remain or have been destroyed. Divided By Time meshes the past with the present to show how far Columbians have come and what they have lost along the way. 

“By conducting research at the State Historical Society and the Boone County Historical Society, I am able to seamlessly blend Columbia’s rich history into the modern era while simultaneously contemplating its future. Viewers should consider what the Columbians of 2127 will create with the media we leave behind and the city they will inherit.” 

The photography exhibit is free to the public and was developed in collaboration with COMO Living Magazine.  More information is available at Examples of Thompson’s work can be found here.





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