The Stephens College School of Design has announced winners from the 2019 The Collections student designer fashion show, which celebrated its 75th year this April.

2019 Student Winners:

  • Navé Miller, Best of Jury: Contemporary: Jacket & Pant Look; modeled by Courtney Elliott.
  • Joyce Gayo, Best of Jury: Crafting Sustainable Communities; modeled by Juniper Hill (Juniper was voted Best Model, as well.)
  • Jillian Turner and Emma Walters, Best of Jury: Denim (Tie); Jillian’s poncho modeled by Taylor Jones; Emma’s jumpsuit modeled by Ellie LaPosha.
  • Jacqueline Heath, Best of Jury: Advanced Patternmaking; modeled by Dajah Ray. She also won Best of Jury: Swimwear; modeled by Dajah Ray.
  • Arianna Varner, Best of Jury: Single Look: Crop Top & Skirt; modeled by Issa Buck.
  • E. Aki Johnson, Best of Jury: Surface Design; modeled by Ryan Matticker.
  • Sophie Ranek, Best of Jury: Collection: Resurrection; modeled by (pictured L-to-R) Alexis Lee, Max Overshiner, Sean Clouse, Juniper Hill and Caitlin Pottebaum.

View winning designs in our photo album.

Watch fashion show livestream.


About the Show

At the Stephens College annual student designer fashion show, fashion students apply what they’ve learned in the classroom to a real runway setting. Fashion design students work all school year to turn their concepts into designs and designs into garments. Students are charged with coming up with creative denim and weekend wear, contemporary sportswear, and tailored designs. Each year specialty design categories are also part of the runway experience. 

In the early spring, industry experts serve on the Jury of Selection, the panel responsible for determining which pieces will be highlighted in the fashion show and for selecting winners in each category.

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Learn more about the annual student designer fashion show.  

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