Time and time again, visitors are delightfully surprised by what Columbia has to offer.

Columbia is continuously ranked as one of the best college towns in America, with over 36,000+ college students and 118,000 residents. 

From picturesque parks and clever cuisine to extraordinary art and superb shopping, family, friends, and visitors find that Columbia is ‘more than a college town’ and ‘surprisingly sophisticated.’

Columbia is located approximately 100 miles from both Kansas City and St. Louis.

We like to think of Columbia as a cool neighborhood in a big city with a young vibe, an active buzz, and an engaged community. We’re also a friendly and welcoming community with a thriving downtown and abundant cultural opportunities.

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The District (Downtown and Right Next Door)

Downtown Columbia is called The District. Here, you’ll find 20 square blocks of shopping, dining, dancing and people-watching. There’s something for every interest and lifestyle. And it’s all just steps from campus.

  • Discover the District: Check out our downtown.
Best Things to do in Columbia

Cultural activities flourish in the town, with professional ballet companies, live local theater, a symphony, an orchestra, and a score of well-curated museums are ready to satisfy any cultural cravings. Here are the best things to do in Columbia, MO:

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Convention and Visitors Bureau

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Culinary Tours of Columbia

Columbia Culinary Tours is a food and social tour experience in Columbia, Missouri. It is a destination for anyone seeking education, culture, and athletic competition. With the influence of students and visitors from around the country and the world, Columbia is quickly emerging as a foodie’s paradise.

Columbia Culinary Tours wants to introduce you to the diverse flavors of our downtown area restaurants and food specialty shops. Although food is our focus, a culinary tour is so much more! Let us lead the way to a fun and memorable experience that indulges your taste buds while incorporating some of the historical events that have put CoMO on the map! 

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