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International performer Mirenka Cechova to give lecture on campus

October 28, 2014

The Stephens College School of Performing Arts is hosting a fall workshop and lecture demonstration with Dr. Mirenka Cechova, an internationally recognized performer and Fulbright Scholar, along with critically acclaimed musician Nancy Jo Snider. The two will provide technique classes for students on Nov. 2 and will host a lecture/demonstration, “The Voice of Anne Frank,” for the public at 7 p.m. on Nov. 3 in Firestone Baars Chapel.
Dean Gail Humphries Mardirosian met Cechova while she was a Fulbright Scholar in Prague, where Cechova was completing her doctoral studies.
“We immediately connected and collaborated with a performance of a play that had been written in the Nazi transit camp of Terezin, a place where many of the artists and intellectuals of Prague and from throughout Europe had been sent,” Mardirosian said. “Meeting Mirenka was fortuitous because she ran two theatres in Prague and facilitated my casting with actors she knew from her Spitfire Theatre ensemble.”  
Cechova became a Fulbright Scholar a year later.
“The Voice of Anne Frank” is a mono- dramatic retelling of Anne Frank’s story with live accompaniment.
The event will include a demonstration from the performance.
“I had seen ‘The Voice of Anne Frank’ in Prague and found the production astonishing, as did American and Czech audiences,” Mardirosian said. “Her expertise in physical theatre is magnificent, and her creativity is boundless. Adding the cello as another voicing in the production was truly a stroke of genius.”  
The Columbia stop is between tours in South Africa and Korea.

To attend the lecture/demonstration, RSVP by Oct. 31 to Jamie Andes at

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