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Stephens College to host Arts Integration in Education Summit

October 19, 2017

Stephens College School of Creative and Performing Arts is hosting a daylong Arts Integration in Education Summit Nov. 4, 2017, that will bring together classroom teachers, teaching artists, principals and more to explore integrating the arts into any K-12 classroom. 

Experts from across the country will be on campus to explain not only why arts integration works, but also how it works through experiential workshops and interactive performances based on the summit’s companion book  “Arts Integration in Education: Theory, Impact and Practice.” 

“The summit provides an unusual opportunity to bring together individuals with various influential viewpoints and experiences about the value and deep learning provided by arts integration in education,” said Dr. Gail Humphries Mardirosian, dean of the School of Creative and Performing Arts at Stephens and co-author of the summit’s companion book. 

“Classroom teachers, teaching artists, fine arts specialists, and professors as well as undergraduate and graduate students in performing arts and education, will join together in a day of active dialogue and experiential learning,” she said.   

Several of the guest speakers are contributors to the summit’s companion book. Educators from The Children’s School at Stephens College and the Theatre Reaching Young People and Schools (TRYPS) Institute will also facilitate many of the breakout sessions that will show participants how to integrate the arts into the classroom. 

The keynote speaker is Eric Booth, who is known as “the father of the teaching artist profession.” A renowned leader in the field of professional development and arts integration, Booth contributed to the forward of the summit’s companion book. He also has performed in many plays on Broadway, Off-Broadway and around the country and is a published author of five books, including “The Everyday Work of Art,” which won three awards and was a Book of the Month Club Selection. Booth has taught at Julliard, Stanford University, New York University, Tanglewood, Lincoln Center Institute and The Kennedy Center.

Other speakers at the summit include: 

  • Dr. Anne Fletcher, a Professor of Theatre at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Ill., where she teaches undergraduate and graduate classes. She also supervises the design and delivery of Theatre Insight, a multi-section, introductory-level course for non-majors, grounded in Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences and principles of constructivist education. 
  • Kathi R. Levin, a national leader in arts education for more than 20 years, serves as a consultant for the National Art Education Association (NAEA) where she manages projects that support the association’s policy, advocacy, legislative, research and leadership development efforts. She also serves as the Program/Development Officer for the National Art Education Foundation (NAEF), an independent grant-making subsidiary of NAEA and consults with other cultural organizations in arts education, strategic planning, nonprofit management and governance. 

Learn more about the summit: 

Learn more about the other speakers: 

The event is sponsored by Stephens College, Missouri Arts Council, Columbia Convention and Visitors Bureau, Missouri Alliance for Arts Education, The Children’s School at Stephens College and The Bank of Missouri. 

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