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Senior Hall, “Susies” and local pride inspire student’s creative design for orientation T-shirts

August 19, 2016

Allie Moorman ’18 took on the challenge this summer of designing T-shirts for Orientation Group Leaders, the Stephens students who lead small groups of new students as part of Stephens’ annual orientation. A Fashion Communication major, Moorman worked this summer in Student Development and volunteered for the project.

“I love the tradition here at Stephens,” she said. “It is so cool that the College is nearly 200 years old. In designing the shirt, I thought about the beautiful places here on campus and especially Historic Senior Hall and its history. It’s recognized by everyone. I personally love the history of the building; everyone should take a class there, or at least spend an afternoon in the parlors.”

“I also know that people here take great pride in being from Missouri, and have great pride in Columbia; that’s why I incorporated our city and state. Then, I added the ‘Susies’; it’s a personal term with a lot of special meaning.”

After finding the concept, the design process itself was a labor of love, she said.

“It was hard to find a picture of the hall without trees, yet once I did I was so excited I pulled an all-nighter to finish it,” Moorman said.

This was also her first complete T-shirt project. In her role as merchandise chair for Kappa Delta, Moorman often thinks of an idea but has the T-shirt company’s designers finalize the project. Her courses with Associate Professor Kate Gray gave her the confidence to move forward.  

“Taking Kate’s classes instilled a confidence in me that I could pull this project off,” Moorman said. “I am forever indebted to her. She has taught me lifelong skills. I am excited to learn more in my upcoming classes with her, and to incorporate what I learn into my work for Stephens Life. She definitely lived up to expectations after what I had heard from upperclassmen.”

The Washington, D.C., native first heard about Stephens from a friend of her mother. She later came across Stephens in her own research and says, “within 20 minutes I knew this was it. I visited campus, and that visit only solidified my feelings.”

Moorman is also thankful to Student Development for giving her the opportunity to work on this high visibility project and to be mentored by Kyneesha Edwards ’16 who designed the shirts last year. “It was special to step into her shoes and work on this project,” she says.

“I love graphic design,” Moorman said. “It’s fun, and just absorbs me for hours.” 

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