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Gimme Truth! film short contest will showcase the work of Stephens Filmmaking I students

March 5, 2016

This Saturday night, True/False festival goers will have the opportunity to enjoy the work of Stephens’ own Filmmaking I class.

As part of the True/False Film Festival happening in Columbia this weekend, the Gimme Truth! event invites local filmmakers to attempt to stump the judges and contestants with their short (two-minute) documentary style videos. These videos can be either entirely TRUE or entirely FALSE.

This year, students in Assistant Professor Chase Thompson’s course worked together to brainstorm ideas for a film to submit. They collaboratively developed a list of the shots they would need and divided up the shot list and worked in small groups. Then each student took all of the film and separately edited it in their own way.

“It was absolutely amazing how so many students can take the same shots – ones developed together as a group – and edit them in such entirely different ways,” said Thompson. “It was eye-opening for everyone.

“The students voted on three films to submit and Gimme Truth! selected one of those to include in the event,” he said “But ultimately I am so proud of the entire class. They worked together collaboratively and democratically, and they all took such interesting approaches to their films. The process helped everyone learn a lot about the art of documentary.”

The selected film was edited by Abigail Cleavinger.

Thompson also has a film of his own in Gimme Truth! this year. The final list has not been published yet but the festival only selects a handful of films.

The live event will be held Saturday night at the Vimeo Theater at The Blue Note.


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