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Stephens joins online Odyssey community

February 16, 2016

Stephens College has joined the Odyssey community, allowing students to contribute articles to a blog popular among college students across the country.

“It’s a place for students to come in and write about either happenings on campus and their reactions or personal things,” said Stephens sophomore Katherine Craig, who is studying fashion communication at Stephens.

Students so far have contributed articles clearing up misconceptions about women’s colleges; how to embrace one’s “inner nerd,” and about life in Columbia.

Craig was contacted by Odyssey headquarters last semester asking Stephens to be part of the online site, which also hosts the University of Missouri. She has since been named editor-in-chief of the Stephens chapter.

The site relies on students to not only generate content but also to share their stories through social media. The strategy has proven successful, allowing the company to pay writers based on views.

“The Odyssey is insanely popular,” Craig said. “Scrolling through my newsfeed today, I saw at least five people who shared Odyssey stories from other schools. It’s great because say I write something like ‘Top 5 Reasons to Stay in Bed Today,’ and then my friend at Mizzou sees it on my Facebook, shares it and her friend from Ohio shares it, then everyone at Ohio State likes it and shares it. Then maybe a Stephens graduate sees it. Then it’s branched beyond colleges. It’s really fascinating.”

You can see all Stephens articles by visiting and searching for “Stephens College.”

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