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Alumna shares advice at First Year Experience breakfast

November 17, 2015

Self-acceptance, taking time to educate oneself, loving what you do and being fearless enough to conquer your dreams—those were nuggets of advice Lindsey Weber ’08 had for first-year students this morning.

Weber was the keynote speaker at the third annual First Year Experience Networking Breakfast.

The event allows first-year students to network with area professionals.

Weber—who is communication coordinator for the St. Louis Cardinals—used the “S.E.L.F.” acronym to drive home the point that students can be successful by doing what they love if they accept themselves, stay educated on current events and aren’t afraid to go after their dreams.

Weber said she discovered that at Stephens, where she studied digital filmmaking.

Assigned a documentary, Weber recalls being so fixated on the St. Louis Cardinals that she could barely concentrate on schoolwork.

She decided to combine the two and ended up making a short documentary on what it means to be a St. Louis Cardinals fan during a World Series bid.

“That was a pivotal moment,” she said. “I realized you can take your passion and turn it into a profession.”

Weber also recalled a moment during an internship she had where she was challenged for being female. She was paired up with sportscasters during a celebrity golf tournament with members of the Cardinals, and the man to whom she was assigned publicly bemoaned the fact he got stuck with a “girl.” Today‚ that “girl” creates the news that the sportscaster reports. She used the story to stress that students should own who they are—regardless of gender, race or sexuality.

The networking breakfast gives students an opportunity to meet professionals outside of their area of interest, as well as in their chosen fields. Professional guests included administrators from the University of Missouri, local bankers, writers and performers, film professionals and business owners.

“This is an opportunity for our first year students to meet women of high achievement and to be inspired,” Associate Professor Mark Thompson said. “It broadens their horizons.”

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