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Sophomore takes championship at St. Louis Charity Horse Show

September 29, 2015

Sophomore Gabby Zimmermann won the Adult Shatner Western World Championship Finals at the St. Louis Charity Horse Show this past weekend.

“There were a lot of great horses out there, and honestly, I didn’t even think that I would win,” she said. “So when that moment came, it was amazing, probably one of the happiest moments in my life. As I sat there, all I could think about was how hard and how long I have worked for this moment and the fact that it was there was astonishing!”

Although Zimmermann competed as a private owner and not as a Stephens student, she said the College prepared her for the show.

“My experience at Stephens College has pushed me to be not only a better student, but also a more confident, focused and well-rounded rider,” she said. “Going into the class, I was prepared because Stephens has taught me to always be prepared for whatever may come.”

Stephens did not compete in the St. Louis Charity Horse Show, but students did attend to see the show and support Zimmermann, said Sharon Marohl, stable manager.

Additionally, Kelly Hulse, assistant professor of saddle seat, presented a scholarship to an incoming student at the show.

Stephens equestrian students are currently preparing to compete in the American Royal in Kansas City in November.

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