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Children's school gets glimpse into lives of Columbia firefighters

September 25, 2015

Students at The Children’s School at Stephens College got a real-life glimpse into the life of a firefighter today when the Columbia Fire Department got an emergency call and had to leave a presentation at the preschool. 

The firefighters pledged to come back if they could, but they needed to head to the scene of an incident. Children rushed to the window to wave as the fire truck, with its sirens on, sped away.

The preschool this week is studying emergency vehicles. Although there was no time to get a peek inside the fire truck, the students did have a chance to interact with a firefighter in full uniform.

Firefighters can seem a little scary if you’re not familiar with them. Fire crews promised the kids that they were the good guys, even when wearing complicated headgear and making funny breathing noises through a mask.

The lesson demystified the firefighter uniform, ensuring the youngsters will have had seen a firefighter before in the case of a real emergency at their own homes.

The Columbia Fire Department also recruited the children, saying in case of a fire at their houses, firefighters would rely on them and their family members to report any missing relatives or animals.

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