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Senior passes education tests ahead of schedule

September 8, 2015

Senior Maile Wortham won’t graduate until May, but she can scratch two things off of her senior “to-do” list—this summer, she passed both the early childhood and elementary education tests.

Wortham said she took the exams early at the recommendation of Leslie Swanda Willey ’83, dean of the School of Interdisciplinary Studies. She knew she would be wearing many hats this school year, including serving as senior class president and student teaching at Lee Expressive Arts Elementary in Columbia.

“It is such a weight off my shoulders to have both of my certification tests passed,” she said. “I am highly involved on campus in addition to classes and student teaching, so by studying for the tests this summer, I am able to dedicate more time to my current classes and exams as well as preparing to take the GRE as I look forward to attending graduate school next fall.”

Wortham said her Stephens College education prepared her for the rigorous examinations.

“I think that Stephens has an incredible education program,” she said. “I was very prepared for these tests and for my student teaching experience because of my incredible professors and mentors supporting me along the way.”

Stephens students’ pass rate on the exams remains well above average in both teacher education and school counseling, said Sean Livengood-Clouse, associate professor of education and also the College’s certification officer with the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

That’s partly because of the children’s school on campus, a lab school that allows education majors to work alongside master-level teachers in real pre-K through fifth-grade classes.

“We give students early opportunities to go into the classroom and work with children and teachers to build that foundation,” he said.

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