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Involvement Fair attracts hundreds

September 3, 2015

Hundreds of students yesterday flocked to Kimball Ballroom to see how they can become more involved in campus and community organizations and activities.

The annual Involvement Fair allows groups to showcase their work to new and returning students.

“It’s just a great way for everyone to explore all of the ways they can become more connected at Stephens,” said Ada Gallup, director of student leadership and programming. “And the turnout yesterday was great.”

Lindsey Howard and Alexandra Garcia were there to promote the Acute Math Club. They formed it last year as a way to introduce the subject in a non-threatening way.

“Some perceive math as scary, and it’s not,” Howard said.

Although the club officially has five members, dozens signed up to learn more about it. The club hosts activities such as the Amazing Math Race, which challenges participants to complete simple math tasks. It was a success last year, Garcia said.

While Acute is new, math clubs have a long history at Stephens. In 1921, students formed the Hypatia Hexagon club, named in honor of the Greek mathematician, astronomer and teacher, Hypatia. Born around 355 AD, she is believed to be the first woman to have studied math.

Another club, Infinity Poet, exploded onto the scene last year and continues to draw interest from aspiring poets. The club promotes political poetry, and last year, officers held several public readings about issues of race and gender.

“We’re excited to see fresh new talent,” said President Gabriel Cole. “We have a lot in store for this year.”

Although it’s been around for a while, Susies Organized for Service is seeing an upswing this year, officers said. The club promotes service not only on campus but also in the community, hosting city cleanup events, blood drives and 5K runs.

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