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Students bond on day trips throughout community

August 13, 2015

Incoming Stephens students today took a number of day trips around the area to get to know one another better and to get familiar with their new home.

This is the second year the College has offered trips as part of new student orientation. Getting the students off campus early in their experience is important, said Ada Gallup, director of programming and student leadership.

“We want them to feel comfortable around one another both on campus and in new settings,” she said. “These trips are designed to not only serve as ice breakers but also demonstrate to our students that they can rely on one another.”

Students certainly had to rely on each other at Venture Out, where they completed several ropes courses. While executing courses are challenging, it also shows students just what they're capable of, especially when they work as a team, Gallup said.

Other groups of students went to The Canvas on Broadway, where they painted an abstract of dandelions. Some Stephens women also added words to their paintings, including the College’s motto, “dream up.”

One group of students went to Lyceum Theatre in Arrow Rock, and another explored the Rocheport community.

“While we know our students have fun on these trips, they’re really an important part of orientation,” Gallup said. “They come back to campus a little more at ease with one another and the transition to college.”

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