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The Ten reveal identities

April 8, 2015

Those who have spent the school year secretly representing Stephens’ Ten Ideals were identified Monday during Honors Convocation.

The Ten is a secret society dating back to 1921. Each year, 10 seniors are chosen to recognize others throughout the year for demonstrating Stephens’ values. This year, the group honored recipients with oversized banners that hung in Columbia Foyer and in the Stamper Commons dining room.

“The Ten serves our community in extraordinary ways,” President Dianne Lynch said. “While most colleges have a mission statement and set of values, we live those values and recognize those who best represent them.”

Students representing The Ten this year are:

Belief – Colby Elliot
Courage – Lydia Miller
Creativity – Katherine Rudder
Independence – Katlyn Lee
Intelligence – Lesta NewBerry
Leadership – Nicole Bartels
Respect – Alexandria Hagelston
Responsibility – Haley Padilla
Sensitivity – Emily Mendoza Fellers
Support – Mackenzie Andrade

Each year, The Ten also recognize a Four-Fold Girl and a Best Private Citizen, awards that also date back to 1921. This year’s Four-Fold Girl was Sara Barnett, and Jennifer Miller was named Best Private Citizen.

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