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Barber conducting internship with Kansas City Fashion Week

May 12, 2015

Taylor Barber ’17 is conducting an internship this summer as the administrative assistant to the president of Kansas City Fashion Week.

“It’s a big deal,” she said. “I’ll be assisting her with model casting, designer coordination, marketing materials, social media, and event coordination and sponsors.” While Barber has been a model for fashion week shows and already knew the president, she said the resume and portfolio she’s created while at Stephens “sealed the deal.”

“Connections get you far, but having something to show is better,” she said. “So this was a little luck and a lot of it all I’ve learned at Stephens.”

The internship is part of Barber’s strategic plan to keep her connected to the fashion industry in Kansas City. She’s determined to have a career that will help solidify Kansas City’s reputation as a fashion-forward city.

In addition to being part of fashion week, she’s also involved in The Fashion Accelerator of Kansas City, a new organization committed to making ethically responsible clothing in the community while providing jobs for at-risk women.

Barber is going to work at a resale shop this summer, as well, ensuring she’ll make even more connections in the industry.

After graduation, Barber plans to stay in Kansas City.

“I believe in the Kansas City market,” she said. “My peers have their sights set on New York or Los Angeles, but I just see the potential in that market. There’s a lot of growth and interest.”

At Stephens, she said she’s become ready to transition from model to fashion entrepreneur.

“I’m well versed in the industry,” she said. “I’m comfortable talking about fabric choices, marketing—anything that the boss throws at me, I can figure out, and that’s 100 percent attributed to Stephens. I’ve grown so much in my two short years. I’m thankful for that and excited to see where my next two years will take me.”

She said she’s also learned to believe in herself and has become more determined in her goals.

“At Stephens, I’m surrounded by amazing, strong, intelligent women, and that’s made me realize I’m an amazing, strong, intelligent woman.”

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