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Student artists to host reception, exhibit

April 29, 2015

Students in Sara Fletcher’s “Illustrations From Around the World” class will show their final projects on Friday during a public reception and daylong exhibit.

The class spent the semester taking a photo tour of artists’ illustrations and paintings from six continents, finding common threads among a vast array of works.

“The idea was a broad exposure for the students of different approaches to illustration in different times and places,” Fletcher said.

Students then chose a story to illustrate in 10 panels using different artists as inspiration. They were instructed to visually communicate the story as best they could with compelling compositions and spent the semester brainstorming, revising and developing their pieces.

The final work will be on display in the Hugh Stephens Library Penthouse on Friday. A reception will be held from 8:30 to 10 a.m., during which time the student artists will be on hand to answer questions. Refreshments will also be provided. The exhibit will remain up throughout the day.

“This exhibit is quite diverse,” Fletcher said. “I think the way each student delved into her own visual and story world is fascinating. Seeing the process sketches reveals a bit of the problem-solving process, and attendees will enjoy seeing the various influences that inspired these artworks.”

Among the pieces will be illustrations of Jane Eyre by senior Coral Hoelscher, who was inspired by the works of Shahzia Sikander, an American artist who grew up in Pakistan. Fiona Kerr wrote and illustrated her own story set in East Germany about a water nymph who falls in love with a human. Miranda Carlisle was inspired by Ancient Greek vase paintings and French neoclassical painting to illustrate the myth of Theseus and Minotaur. Tiawna Johnson illustrated “Alice in Wonderland,” and Dona Walker illustrated “The Wizard of Oz” from Toto’s point of view.

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