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Sophomore creates PSA with help of classmates

April 29, 2015

Creating a short public service announcement in less than two weeks reminded sophomore Kathy Nguyen that Stephens is a community of women who support one another to rally around a cause.

Inspired by other PSAs being shared during Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Nguyen got the idea to create her own after seeing the phrase “that’s what she said” online. Nguyen decided if men could use the phrase as a racy innuendo, it could also be used to remind them that, in many cases, “she” also said “no.”

“The idea just clicked and I was so excited about it; that night I asked for volunteers on Facebook,” Nguyen said. “I had 13 almost immediately.”

The short PSA tackles the issue by showing a series of women making comments that might trigger someone to joke “that’s what she said.” Then it shows the same women saying various ways of saying “no,” such as “wait” or “stop.”

Nguyen said she was amazed at all of the support she received during the project and the responses she’s been receiving since.

“I was surprised by all of the help I got—but that’s the vibe I always get from Stephens,” she said. “I appreciate this community. Not only does Stephens give you the resources to do things quickly, everyone actually helps you execute your ideas. That’s what I really love about Stephens.”

Nguyen is now hoping to share the PSA with a larger audience. She hopes viewers think twice about making jokes about sexual situations and realize that sexual assault needs serious discussion.

View the video here.

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