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Student works as Saks buying intern

August 2, 2013

Amelia Carter ’14 is getting an up close look at the fashion industry this summer as a buying intern at Saks Fifth Avenue in New York.

“This experience overall is absolutely amazing and the best opportunity I have been given in my career yet,” she said. “The best benefit for me is being able to do the actual work and to see the way things are done in the buying office.”

Carter, who is studying Fashion Marketing and Management at Stephens, is working for Saks Direct in Designer Ready to Wear. There’s no typical day, but she’s completed purchase orders from market appointments, prepared vendor selling reports and has been able to attend a few market appointments. 

“There have been many cool experiences during my internship, but I would say my top one is going to market with the buying team,” she said.

The best market appointment was with British luxury line Belstaff, she said. She accompanied a divisional merchandise manager and was able to take pictures of the merchandise and weigh in on the purchases and outfits.

“I couldn’t believe my buyer allowed me to actually assist him in the appointment,” she said. “I loved every bit of that experience!” 

The work is also showing Carter how her classroom studies apply to real-world situations. “All of those spread sheets, case studies and retail math tests were all worth it,” she said, praising Assistant Professor Courtney Cothren for her courses. “It feels good to know that I am finally able use the skills and knowledge I have developed.”

When she’s not working alongside buyers, Carter is attending classes as part of Saks’ Executive Excellent Program where she continues to study retail math and life in the corporate world. Saks administrators, including CEO Steve Sadove and Michael Burgees, President of Saks Direct, have also spoken to the intern class.

“Each leader provided great insight about the company and career growth,” Carter said. Saks’ Summer Internship Program is designed to attract and develop talented college students, Leah Willingham, the Manager of University Relations, said in a statement. “Since the formation of our University Relations team in 2010, our on-campus presence has grown tremendously, and year after year, the quality of candidates continues to impress us,” she said.

That’s how Carter found the opportunity. After learning about the program through the University Relations team, Carter said she was “all for it. It sounded like a great opportunity to grow my career.”

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