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Student interns at Columbia magazine

August 20, 2013

Laura Dresser ’14 enjoyed seeing her byline grace the pages of Inside Columbia magazine this summer, where she interned as a writer, blogger, photographer and fashion stylist.
But as much as she liked seeing her name in print, Dresser especially liked knowing she was giving readers information they could use. One article told Columbians about a new coffee shop in town. Another gave new moms ideas on how to decorate the nursery. And another provided healthy skin care tips. Many of the topics were new to Dresser, requiring her to do the research required to be an informed journalist.
“I was educating people, but I was learning alongside them,” she said.
And that education paid off—Dresser had several readers express gratitude for the stories.
fashion communication major, Dresser has several interests. She likes writing, but she also likes the process of staging photos—finding the garments, putting together the outfits, gathering props and making sure the models’ hair and clothing are just right. This fall, fashion photos she styled and set up this summer are expected to be published in a six- to eight-page spread.
For her coffee shop piece, which ran online in June, Dresser was in charge of all of the photos. She not only arranged the setting, she also took the photographs. The results? Amazing detailed shots of colorful coffee cups and the shop’s unique décor.
Dresser had previous fashion styling experience from a class she took at the London College of Fashion, where she studied abroad last summer. But the magazine internship provided her first real look at the inner workings of a publication.
“It was great to experience things firsthand and to be able to learn from those experiences," she said. “And it was nice actually seeing a project from start to finish.”
Dresser will get more real-world experience this school year, too, when she joins the staff of Creative Ink, a student-run marketing firm on campus. As part of the creative team there, she’ll contribute her opinions and ideas to branding, advertising and other marketing campaigns.
“At Stephens, you really get to explore your interests in a hands-on manner,” she said. “I do these amazing projects that allow me to explore different interests and see what I really enjoy.”

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