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Inside Columbia creative director offers critique

September 19, 2013

Assistant Professor Kate Gray discusses the critique process.

The creative director for Inside Columbia magazine visited Stephens today critiquing student work and offering constructive criticism.

Carolyn Preul spent more than two hours with students in Kate Gray’s Information and Promotion Design class, showing them specifically what design elements worked and which did not.

Students were asked to design a four-page spread, similar to one they might see in Inside Columbia magazine. They were given a headline, body copy and photos of Cardinals baseball star David Freese to arrange in a magazine layout for the magazine's target audience. The assignment forced them to think about design elements such as the use of white space, graphics and fonts, in a real-world setting.

“This is really a great example of how we bring real clients and experiences into the classroom,” Gray said. “The students heard constructive feedback from someone who does this on a regular basis.”

Following Preul’s intensive critique, students were then asked to discuss what they liked about their classmates’ layouts before deciding what they might change within own spreads.

The exercise was held in the new Stamper Studio in Windsor Lounge. Formerly an open lounge*, the renovated studio includes a Mac lab with 24 computers, as well as a sectioned off classroom with display space.

*A previous version incorrectly described the space as an auditorium. 

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