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Stephens celebrates Talk, arg, Write Like a Pirate Day

September 20, 2013

Talk-like-a-pirate-day1Talk-like-a-pirate-day2International Talk Like a Pirate Day might have been Thursday, but Stephens College students weren’t quite finished celebrating.

About 75 English, creative writing, theatre and other students gathered in the Penthouse at Hugh Stephens Library today to celebrate “Write Like a Pirate Day,” Stephens’ twist on the nontraditional holiday.

During the lunchtime event, students shared pirate-themed haiku, sported pirate costumes and yelled “aaarrrg.” A lot.

Assistant Professor Kate Berneking Kogut created the writing-themed celebration to draw campus wide attention to the English and writing program, but also to give students a chance to explore different types of writing.

In addition to haiku, they were also challenged to create chain stories—each student contributed a line to a story without knowing what classmates would be adding to it.

“It’s a way to play with language and words,” she said.

Chelsea Wherry was one of five winners of the haiku contest. She wrote:  

All of the lasses 
And rum in the world could not 
Take me from the sea.

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