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Grant will boost science studies at SC Children's School

October 22, 2013

Students at the Stephens College Children’s School will get more in-depth science lessons and will even have a chance to visit college-level labs in the coming months, thanks to funding from the American Chemical Society.

Katrina Walker, assistant professor of chemistry and physics, will serve as an ACS Science Coach this school year. She’ll work alongside elementary teachers Lindsey Clifton, Elizabeth Watson and Hannah Vonder Haar to help children conduct experiments and get a deeper understanding of chemistry.

“My hope is that we can do some of the projects at the children’s school and in the undergraduate science labs,” Walker said. “That way, the children can see a science lab and potentially interact with some of the college students.”

The $500 ACS grant allows coaches and teachers to purchase supplies and provide students with additional science-related experiences.

“This was a competitive award, so we’re very proud of our faculty,” said Tara Giblin, Dean of the School of Humanities and Sciences. “This is a perfect example of how Stephens works together across disciplines for the benefit of all of our students, including those at the Stephens College Children’s School.”

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