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Professor shares appreciation for staff services

October 24, 2013

A couple of weeks ago, Laura Flacks-Narrol, assistant professor of business marketing, left her office for just a minute to take a break from calculating midterm grades.

When she returned, she discovered that she’d accidentally locked her office doors. Her keys—and cell phone—were inside. And it was 8 p.m. on a Sunday.

After finding a fellow faculty member also working that night, Flacks-Narrol was able to call Campus Security, and a security officer let her in.

Flacks-Narrol was—and still is—amazed by the level of service that’s provided at Stephens College.

“Just feeling comfortable being here at night knowing we have security on campus is huge,” she said.

It doesn’t take a staff appreciation event for Flacks-Narrol to express her appreciation for employees at Stephens. Prior to joining the faculty here, she worked at another higher education institute in which employees weren’t expected to rely on one another. A call to facilities crews there would mean an hourly bill sent to her department—and that meant when boxes had to be moved or a file cabinet relocated, she ended up having to do it herself.

“Here, the facility crews are so helpful,” she said, ticking off a list of instances in which crews showed up immediately when she needed help lifting, moving or installing equipment or furniture.

Same with the employees in Information Technology, whom she praised for  always being willing to help.

Flacks-Narrol expressed appreciation for others, too, from the administrative assistant at the School of Organizational Leadership and Strategic Communications—who is “amazing”—to those who show up without notice after hours to empty the trash cans.

“They take out my office trash daily here,” she said. “And that’s just a visible thing staff does. There are so many invisible ways the staff contributes to Stephens.”

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