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Keynote speaker urges freshmen to be adventurous

November 21, 2013


Therapist, author and professional speaker Evonne Weinhaus this morning encouraged first-year students to identify their fears in order to overcome them.
“Reach out to others,” she said. “Be adventurous. Be engaged.”
Weinhaus was the keynote speaker at the inaugural Stephens College First-Year Experience Celebration Breakfast in the Kimball Ballroom. The two-hour event was a way to celebrate the completion of the first semester of the new First-Year Experience, a program launched this year. 
Each year, the FYE program will have a specific theme; this year’s theme was society and self and taught students how they and their specific area of study relate to the world around them.
“You were challenged to respond to bullying, shipwrecked, encouraged to serve beyond the walls of this institution,” Associate Professor Mark Thompson reminded the freshmen, referring to the activities they did this semester. Additionally, each class “explored ways you convey self and the relationship to the rest of society that will carry you through the rest of your college experience.”
The breakfast doubled as a networking event with women leaders from other area colleges, non-profit organizations, local businesses and Stephens College stationed at each table with students.
Weinhaus talked about how she was able to get national publicity for her books, including attention from the Oprah Winfrey Show, the Today show and Good Morning America; and how she overcame a brain tumor and surgery, and went on to identify a deep-seeded fear.

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